Which power cord to use on new Power Plant 15

Just purchased a Power Plant 15 and want to use an upgrade power cord. I have two nice cords, a Clarus Crimson Power Cord ($1,100) and a Transparent Premium Power Cord ($625).

Which cord should I use on the Power Plant and which on the amplifier?

The only way to definitively tell is to try the cords each way.


Thread done.

Does the Power Plant 15 come with a power cord ?

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Got one with mine, but it’s the average consumer type! I put aside, and plugged AQ Monsoon that I had!

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If one cable is “faster” than the other I would use that one to the amplifier.
Example, if I had a Nordost, which is always fast, I would use the Nordost to the amplifier and the “slower cable” to the P15.

I use a cheap AC-cable from the affordable brand Supra to my P15 with great result.
I don’t know how your 2 cables are but I guess you doo.

What do you mean by a faster/slower cable ?

Follow @Elk’s advice. Plug them in, listen for a couple weeks at least, then change and listen again.


Sage advice for most component/cable changes…

There really is no other more tried and true method.

You already have the cables. Now you simply need to listen to them both. If they’ve already been in use you don’t need to worry about burning them in. Take some notes while listening to tracks you know and love. It won’t take long to determine which you like better

Have fun!

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Could someone explain what physical properties change in a power cable during burn in that would audibly change the performance of the equipment they are powering ?

This is well documented here on the forum and on the internet. I am certain a few queries with the search tool will help you find what you are after.

Good luck with your search!

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Do you have a link I could use as a starting point ?

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I have searched and unfortunately, nothing comes up that isn’t some personal theory on what happens during burn in.
Was just curious if some form of repeatable tests have been done that have shown quantifiable differences between fresh and burned in cables.

Thanks for your help.

Again, use the instruments that are attached to either side of your skull.
There are, as always, “experts” on both sides–even of burn-in. They’ll drive you nuts so just listen to your hifi and decide for yourself.

Exactly. I am pretty sure the “Here’s the correct way of measuring a Power Plant” topic has enough of that toilet bowl swirl for several Audiophile forums.

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Some cables gives you a “slow and boring” sound, like your stereo don’t really care what it’s doing, while other cables makes you very alert, interested and excited in what’s gonna happen next, and that’s a “fast cable”.

Listen to Nordost cables if you don’t have any experience with them.