Who here has Mconnect working with a Rendu?

Specifically on an iPad. I have the Lumin app on my iPad seeing my ultraRendu okay, but for some reason Mconnect doesn’t see it. It does see the Bridge II in my DS, so I hesitate to believe it’s an Mconnect issue. Troubleshooting ideas appreciated.

mConnect free version(s) are designed to see Bridge II. However, the paid version can see and use other playback devices on my network. I do not have a Rendu though.

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Hmm,I didn’t know that. Thanks!

…yep, that did it. Just took $5.99. :grin:

Well, this is a fine how do you do! The paid version of mConnect does not have Deezer, Spotify, or vTuner - but it does connect to the uR. The free version has all those cloud services, but does not connect to the uR. This really stinks.

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Sorry, I missed that! There seems to be no no one stop shop in streaming!

That’s a bummer, didn’t realize it didn’t support those. I’m wondering if it’s some kind of copyright issue.