MConnect "Renderer doesn't respond"

Hi there,
I’ve started getting frequent errors (“Renderer doesn’t respond”) from Mconnect Control HD app (playing Tidal) running on my iPad. Any clue whether this an app or Bridge-II problem? And what have changed?

Usually this is an upstream problem. Slow internet, bad signal, you name it. A power down of the whole network and everything in the signal chain usually helps.

Upstream problem on Bridge-II? It is LAN connected directly to the router. iPad is over Wi-Fi of course. If I skip to next song - no problem. Retry the same song - fails. It is not the same song - problem is random. So I doubt it is a network problem

Shoot our service guys an email today or give them a call. They may have some better ideas.

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Have the same issue, and no other network issues. Curious what reply you received.

I have the DS with Bridge II for 2 years and always this kind of inconvenience running Tidal.

Wired network, stable via fiber, Sotm switch with special lan cables for audio.

After knowing that a PSA has given up on building a Bridge III, I am finally migrating to another transport option.

Hi. I’m in continuous email exchange with service folks without any breakthrough so far.
After latest Mconnect update, things improved a little, but other problem (clipping) appeared…

I hope PS will introduce direct (instead of via Mconnect) Tidal communication soon.
Otherwise, I’ll, probably, consider recalculating the ‘route’.
Curious, which other transport option you are migrating to?

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BTW, this is not the only problem with Mconnect :grimacing: Album artwork never refreshing on DS display, stuck on first song