Sean Connery passes away at 90

Well OK, not a musician. But a film icon to an entire generation, including me. He’s ordering A Martini, Shaken, not Stirred in Heaven. RIP 007!


The best 007 by far. Sad day for sure.


RIP my wonderful man. I will miss you greatly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cry:

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…Always loved this line from “Diamonds Are Forever”…

(After coming out of a pipe)
Bond: Thank you very much. I was just out walking my rat and I seem to have lost my way.

Thanks for the good times 007…


Well…Marko Ramius is off hunting intergalactic “Red Octobers” of
new secret type never “scene” before…

One of my first cinematic heroes. I will miss him. The original and the best.