Who's going to Axpona? Any interest in a PS Audio Forum meet-up?

Looks like my brother and I will be going on Friday with one-day tickets. Can’t get there Thursday night ‘cause of a Shawn Colvin/Marc Cohn concert here in Indy that night.


If any of you dear Axpona visitors happen to visit this stand, please share your thoughts on CAD products, I’ll appreciate so much. Thanks.

Here the announcement from CAD website:

CAD will be exhibiting at AXPONA 2023 in Room 592.
CAD is delighted to confirm our co-exhibitors are AESTHETIX and VANDERSTEEN. We are looking forward to a weekend of great music! Scott Berry will be on hand from CAD to demonstrate the CAD Ground Controls and show you…

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Will do, Luca. They were also at the Florida show, but both times when I went in for some reason I wasn’t able to hear the system with, then without their grounding devices.

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They were the first people I met at Axpona last year. Wonderful people! I can’t wait to see them again!


Scott Berry and his wife live in UK but they come from US, I had several contacts by email with them last year and are simply lovely.
I use 2 CAD GC1s in my system but I’m curious to know their new products (like USB Control I already ordered as act of faith in their technology).
I suppose it would be interesting to meet Scott in person, thank you Al and Tony, looking forward to your impressions.

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Prego. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been thinking that a 1.1 might be in my very near term future.

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Congrats, a few reviews consider the 1.1 a remarkable upgrade compared to 1

Let me know what do you think about it.

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