Why didn't Aspens make the list?

29 != 30

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Didn’t notice them here either, very surprising following the comments of those here who attended!

My bad…this was a list of $30,000 and up. FR30 is $29,999. (over 30k with tax)

Though not on the under $30,000 list either.

Yeah, Definitely one of the best of show.

I highly doubt he’d have excluded them from the review just because they were 29,999 (one dollar short), when he was clearly rounding the prices to round numbers. Maybe he missed them (he acknowledged that he’d likely missed some), or didn’t include them for some other reason (e.g., if he determined them less worthy of mention than those he did).

Note that they also did not appear (nor the FR20) in the Loudspeakers Under $30k article from same publication.

Because they were two different authors for the two articles (and thus less likely that both authors would miss the room), and PSA had a speaker that would qualify for each article, it’s odd that neither were mentioned, especially for an unveiling of two new speakers.

Jonathan seems a tad confused.


Below 30k$ (including active crossover and 10ch-amplifiers), the Linkwitz LX521 could have been another candidate for the list… see here