Why I drink whiskey.





I think more peeps on this sight need to see this!


Too bad it isn’t whisky…not whiskey…then you’d be drinking the real stuff :slight_smile:




the ‘e’ was added to demarcate an inferior product


This time, you don’t have to travel far or spend a fortune for an exquisite single malt.

The GBR is Canada’s only single malt scotch, distilled in Cape Breton which is the closest thing to Scotland without crossing the pond.

At approx. $75-$80 depending of your province, it’s a real bargain. DELICIOUS!


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It seems like a bargain because of the taxman. That would be about £50 in the UK where it would not survive on quality comparisons at the same price point. In any event, domestic production of whisk(e)y is to be praised and consumed.



Well I hear a challenge coming up.

How about next trip you plan a few days and Knights and we all get together for a Single Malt shoot-out.

Seems like the only FAIR way to settle this. :smiley:

We’ll also have to see which one goes best with Schwartz’s.


Perfect. =D>

I’m getting together for a retirement/Bourbon tasting party with some good friends and the guest of honor knows his whiskey. He’ll love this!

All we need now is a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle…


:ar! aaarrrggghhh…shiver me timbers there’s going to be a fight to the whisky death!


Fight over whisky(e)…? You guys are nuts. Unless there’s a woman involved. Or camels… :-"


Party for a retiring plastic surgeon. Life is good.

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Plastered surgeon, I should think.

That’s interesting. My wife bakes…


One of the guys’ wives came up with the cake idea and actually delivered it to the party. Everyone loved the video!


Seen at a sidewalk cafe.

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