Why so Little on the AN3 at RMAF

These speakers are already of zero interest to me just based on the price going up 3x so far. I bet we get to 4x or 5x before they are done. It’s just reading your posts reminds me of reading press releases put out by a company, that’s all…


Completely relate, and get it.

Unsure what your issue is beyond that. I do not work for the company, despite having been offered a job 1.5 years ago, and not having been able to come to terms with Paul for it.

Whoa - you’d think on the Basis of That I would have an Axe to Grind! But I’ve been in business for myself the majority of my life, so perhaps I sympathize with people like him. So Sue Me.

But I simply don’t understand why some folks in this HOBBY are So effing Pissed about Everything, including nitwits like me that say, “Hey - Take a Pill”.

This whole deal, it seems to me, is supposed to be, and Should be - Fun. So nay-sayers are on my poo-list.


You can always put another member on “ignored” if you do not want to see their posts. Please let me know if you need help in doing so.

As for me, I always prefer even mindless positivity to gratuitous negativity. :slight_smile:

I have yet to hear someone say “He is a delight to have around, always so negative.”


I suppose the only way to see this is as a Comedy, in the manner that Aristotle defined it. A drama about a sympathetic figure that turns out with a happy ending. From a traditional marketing perspective, these things are not done by the vast majority of brands. There’s little rhyme or reason to follow this path. Paul in a recent Daily Post said he is not about to give up on Emotional Enthusiasm. I think some of the chorus’s criticism, including my own, is an effort to save this from turning into a Tragedy. We don’t want to see things turn out badly. Paul doesn’t seem to have this fear. Party on!

No sense being a hater if you have no interest.
I probably won’t buy as the have passed my price point but there are many in that price range and many more a lot higher.
I am still very interested in the technology. Most people aren’t privy to that type of information.

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“Remember this is all for entertainment. Mine and yours.” - Nelson Pass
(or words to that effect - sorry if I butchered the quote.)

From what I heard during RMAF setup, there is a lot of promise in the latest design approach. If it delivers - and if it can deliver sonics that are compelling at a price that’s competitive - remains to be seen.

In the meantime, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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Money figures in there somewhere

Does it not always?

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I think this describes it at least for us and as far as I know also beef and several others who even mainly observe.

IMO there are 3 main quirks that provoke a certain amount of - I’d call it stepticism and concern for today - of a slightly growing number of even hard core fans of the brand.

  • the over hype partly lacking a comprehensible relation to market reality

  • a part of the public quality, reliability and bug handling

  • the frequent mind changing, schedule and announcings changing acting combined with the hype

That doesn’t make the great final products any worse…and it’s not our job to think about it…but if anyone puzzles about why some people get more sceptic, those are reasons that come into my mind.

Now that it’s said, I turn back to just trying to „enjoy the show again“ :wink:

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So the answer appears to be no, no one has heard it, so lets make this another glass half empty forum take over…:smile::rofl:

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Are you not entertained?


I thought the AN3 sounded pretty darned good. Much better as a prototype / beta than many of the competing finished products. Was it my best of show? No, but it’s not $35k either. Just saying that I think Paul and team have done a really nice job bringing the product along and it looks like it will be easily competitive. Frankly given the number of changes on drivers over the last 90 days WOW, frankly it’s surprising it made music at all.

TAS has them listed under Best Sound for the Money in their show write up.

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Wow - quite a statement… “the new PS Audio speaker (est: $17k) rivaled speakers approaching six figures.”

I would really love to read any kind of characteristic differentiation by anyone!, all statements here or in other forums, no matter if good or bad or diplomatic, are more than rough.

Wow, wasn’t aware the price had gone up to 17K. Didn’t it start out around 6K?.

Robert Harley, Editor of TAS wrote, " PS Audio’s new work-in-progress speaker was a knockout,
with tremendous transient fidelity, ability to disappear, well-defined bass (the woofer section is powered), and terrific extension at both frequency extremes. All the drivers are blank-sheet designs, with planar-magnetic midrange and tweeter drivers. It appears
that it might be a giant-killer, with a projected price of about $17,000…T he
new PS Audio speaker
(est: $17k) rivaled speakers approaching six figures.”

So, while it may not have been your favorite, I think we did pretty
good in some people’s eyes.

I heard nothing better in there hour I spent poking me head in rooms
(which wasn’t much time).


That’s a great short review! It seems the speaker already showed several very positive single characteristics as beef already mentioned. A more music related review will probably have to wait for an official review at a later time.

Impressive mini review.

I am glad he noted the speakers are a work-in-progress, something we all need to remember as we comment on them; everything is subject to change and modification.

I think Badbeef summed this up well a few days ago. These speakers have new drivers first fabricated a month before RMAF, the crossovers were done a week before RMAF and, surprise surprise, quite a few people thought they were pretty poor. I suspect, given the timescales, if they had been good it would have been a complete fluke or a total miracle. Even the most experienced speaker companies with decades of experience usually spend years developing a new product. My nearest speaker company, PMC, a true world leader in pro and consumer speakers, took 5 years developing their latest speaker, the Fenestria, and the woofer was existing technology. It was developed and tested at our national research centre. The AN3 had a second mid-bass driver added very recently, a fundamental change, which might explain why some people thought the mid-bass swamped the midrange. What struck me as odd was that the main designer has spent the last 8 years as a regional sales manager, most recently for a microphone company.

How PS Audio puts together a team to produce a speaker product is up to them. How much Paul hypes his latest products and ideas on his own website is also up to him. There’s no law saying you have to agree or even pay any attention.

What I do find odd, from a business perspective, is putting a half-baked product in front of your industry and client base. There’s no point saying it’s a prototype, and last week Paul was saying it was a production version. People will judge it as your product on its merits and compare it to the competition, all of which are likely to be true production versions. How many people here would, in their own business, put forward for consideration an incomplete product or service? You can caveat something as much as you like, but they get ignored. So if there was so little on the AN3 at RMAF, I would have thought that a good thing.

One day I assume it will be finished, shown, reviewed and measured, and hopefully people will buy it. That’s all any manufacturer can hope for.

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