Why so Little on the AN3 at RMAF

Does not seem to be a lot on the forums as to how the AN3 sounded at RMAF did many people get to hear it ?

I agree not much coverage on the AN3. The coverage that was mentioned the majority had bad comments. Now that seems to be in conflict with Paul’s views. I realize everyone hears things differently but is Paul not in touch with the buying public or is the buying public out of touch?

I found this: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/ps-audio-an-3-speakers-at-rmaf-2019.883366/

And this: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/rmaf-2019-ps-audio-an3-loudspeaker

And: https://www.stereophile.com/content/ps-audio-directstream-dac-p20-and-p15-powerplants-an3-loudspeakers-and-ac-series-cables-bhk

My buddy told me this years AN3 wasn’t any better than the last one they brought to RMAF. Clearly they have an issue.

That would be surprising, as I don’t believe they had one last year. Maybe your buddy meant this spring’s Axpona, where a completely different version of the speaker was shown. If that didn’t sound different to him, that would also be surprising.

Last year PS Audio had the the IRS killer prototype at RMAF.

I guess they were the original AN speaker…

Chris Connaker didn’t have much to say

They did some things really well, which is a Miracle, given that new drivers were built the month before, and they were assembled for the first time - and the crossovers built - during the week prior, as Paul showed us in his Sausage-Making posts.

They still are not what the finished speaker will be in significant ways, and so - like nearly all of the year or so of dicussion about them - it is yet more speculation about a product that doesn’t exist in the marketplace.


Gary_M is correct:

2018 RMAF featured Arnie Nudell’s “IRS Killer” prototypes

Axpona 2019 was the PS Audio AN3 #1 redesign of the IRS Killers that featured the B-G Neo 10 ribbon midrange, AMT style tweeter and a single midbass coupler.

RMAF 2019 was the latest AN3 prototype #2 with the redesigned coaxial ribbon mid/tweeter, dual midbass couplers in a MTM configuration and the redesigned woofer.

It seems a speaker seduces more to go this way of stepwise alpha/beta presentation than an amp or DAC design would. Howsoever the phase where certain things are done well usually is a promising mood for a development phase…for a show presentation I never heard of such a strategy before, but audio business insiders may be used to it.

At least there’s a lot of talk about it generated up-front. It might be a wise decision in terms of marketing even if it doesn’t make sense to everyone immediately. You always win and loose some in the process.

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The difficulty being that it has gone on so long, with so much teasing of concepts, enthusiasms and so on, that the “word on the street” - or at least on the Forums and in the halls at RMAF has gotten sharply divided.

Some while back I urged folks not to get so worked up about it, as what was being discussed - admittedly as if it were a fait accompli - Did Not Exist. This infallible logic ; ) - as usual, failed to effect anything ; )

My sense is that some segment of the interested population - independent of whether they are in the market for speakers At All, never mind Ever Intend to Spend This Kind of Money** - are miffed that the prototype Arnie “IRS Killer” (Just take that Name…Arnie was a Champion Marketer - Jah bless 'im) speaker he was working on when he passed away is not being faithfully recreated, and that every subsequent revision has continued to change (“evolve” if you like) based on a broad range of forces.

Another segment just enjoys the Show and the Sausage-Making Process, and is willing to wait and see/hear the finished product - because all the rest is Show, so to speak, to varying extents.

I think it is worth bearing in mind that SO MUCH has happened in the intervening time. To take only one single example - Paul’s friend and former partner Arnie passed away. However much of a marketing guy he was, he was also a genius, and was a Rockstar of Audio in his day.

Turning his prototype into a viable product in the current marketplace would’ve been difficult enough with him still here working on it. Just one single aspect of the PS Journey over the past year.

**Yeah - I know - these started out at 1/3 of the current projected price…:cowboy_hat_face:


Do you read what you write? Always defending and always making excuses for any and all non-positive comments.

And that is just one post in this thread…there are more!

Amazing. I’m comparatively taking a Dump on them, and you still see me as an Apologist.

I just think (and know for a fact) that we are still talking about Speakers that Don’t Exist. So I think bitching about them is a Waste of Life.

It was possible to resolve the difference between good and bad vinyl, good and bad digital, and a bunch of other factors. Would I buy them as they sit at this price? No. Are they done? No. So - waste of Life.

Be interested in your opinion of them.

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speed, take a new start on beef, he’s not only a good guy, he also at this moment talks differently (not only between the lines) than you took an excerpt out. Remember he’s in frequent personal contact with the nice PSA people and this would make most of us noticeably more friendly and less critical.


And there is nothing wrong with being optimistic.

Thumbs up! I think the optimism that there will be a great final speaker within the time it needs is a slightly different topic, but out of doubt for most everyone :wink: As beef said, I guess we’re still looking into a very interesting development phase, even if a more advanced status was communicated now and then inbetween. Ignoring a few more of the surrounding circumstances helps to continue to see pink :wink:

Thanks, guys. This is all I’ve ever been saying. If they end up actually making a crappy product, and all my Fanboy Apologist Happy Horseshit turns out to be just So Many wanker Lies - knock yourself out. Diss away. But complaining about something that doesn’t exist AND that you have Never Heard doesn’t make any sense to me. At All. Much less getting worked up by someone saying, “Why Worry?” as Mark Knopfler would say.

(Takes deep breath, spins “Why Worry” on 45…). ; )


On this matter I thought about where to look for other matching tracks and the first that came into my mind was Mose Allison, for whatsoever reason…and I immediately found four tracks to play:

„You are my sunshine“
„You are a sweetheart „
„Don’t forget to smile“
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