WiFi Ethernet Bridge recommendations

I have the Directstream Dac with the Bridge II installed. I want to move my setup to an area that does not have an ethernet cable available for plug in. The instructions that come with the DAC say that a WiFi ethernet bridge can be used. Do any of you have recommendations on one that works well with the DAC?

Have been running this cheap WAP since 2018…it’s rock solid and the end result is fabulous sound to my BHK stack!

Here’s my configuration…
Roon Rock server—>WiFi Router—>WAP—>EtherREGEN–>BII—>Directstream DAC

EDIT to add…Prior to March, I did not have the EtherREGEN (ER). ER is not required but, IMO (and my non audiophile, could care less, loving wife) the DSD was very good, however, the ER makes a not so subtle difference in the sound. Something to experiment with down the road if you’re so inclined.

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Thank you for the reply. I ordered it this afternoon.

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I’ve had great success going through the power lines with this: https://www.amazon.com/Tenda-AV1000-Gigabit-Powerline-1000Mbps/dp/B01N1JN6CV/

I’ve just upgraded my house network and faced similar issues. Given the age of the house build it is wired up with coax but not ethernet. So I went with MoCA - ethernet over coaxial cable. It is 1 Gb and is rock solid stable. If you have a coax point in the new location it might be worth considering. (for reference, I am using Actiontec gear, Bonded 2.0 MoCA)

When I lived in the UK I used ethernet over powerline as Paul suggests, and it was excellent.