Will it do this?

I have been reading an article about SACD and a DAC (not mine, as I have a PS dac/pre)https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/at-long-last-listen-to-your-physical-sacds-through-an-outboard-dac-r971/?fbclid=IwAR3Yh-b0ntRvgx6qdBaHlyUQRAF3EV5kxYG1RxyUAdX__NDBlzi6yaqszAc
I had a FB reply from a friend…
Peter Allison
yes, I think this should work as long a the pins of your PS Audio’s I2S socket are wired the same as that of the Denafrips DAC in the article. Tell you what, if you buy the box and it doesn’t work, I’ll buy it from you as would be happy to use it for using in ARC mode from my TV.

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I added the second blue board later so the L & R channels were corrected for SACD/DSD playback. On the original board R47 had to be removed so that both PCM (channel correct) and SACD/DSD playback (channels reversed) can play through the green “big board”.