Windom firmware

When I tried to be careful climbing down the uneven ground/rocks I kept sliding or slipping out of my sandals. I just ran down and hoped it would be easy when I stopped. I must have looked like a Yeti running down that rock seemingly out of balance with my arms waving. I had forgotten that I’m now used to air at sea level and it’s thinner up there…


I hope you didn’t mess up your fpga with all that thin air!


@tedsmith - that was a great video, thanks. Now we wait for the Windom drop… the digital yeti lives and good to see in his natural habitat… the top of a mountain… @Paul & you did great… you guys are like celebrities…


Great video, thanks Paul and Ted. Sounds like Windom is going to be MONEY!

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So can we hear any details about what changed or improvements in sound quality ?

This is great news. :slight_smile:

This thread has some info:

Apparently they were keen and removed the URL from the source code. Or I am just missing it. Anyone care to PM me and send it to my email please? Or point me in the right direction where to get it? I understand it is supposed to be 10/2 but it is not like plenty of you have not snagged it already :slight_smile: I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking for the latest/last version to date. I believe that would be 3.15? It is not like I do not know how to peruse the HTMTL code but it does not seem to be present now. Any hint at least? Or who is the “local distributer”? Grabbing at straws here. I really want this please! Of course I do not intend to break any rules if I am doing so. Thank you

There was no link to Windom. You need to wait until Oct 2 just like everyone else.

My understanding is that it had accidently been 'leaked" in the HTML code of the page. You can find it with an HTML editor. however they have obviously since noticed this and removed it. anyone that has it I would appreciate if they would like to share it. otherwise, yes I shall just wait a few days like everyone else. It is less than a week and I am sure it shall be well worth all of our while. I am anticipating this is the biggest incremental upgrade as of yet. due to what Ted has learned working on the TSS. In fact if it is now approaching the TSS I should not even say this but he may very well be kind of stepping on his own feet .Nonetheless I am greatly appreciative of it. just like it says, The DAC that keeps on giving. who else has supported their hardware for this long? no one! that is who! I saw someone moved on to a Vivaldi. of course that is a better DAC. Different price range entirely. Apples and oranges. compare it to the TSS then. for what the DSSR is, it is pretty incredible at this point quite frankly. It is still Stereophile A+ to this day and has been in production how long? no other thing remotely like it. He can effectively keep making a new DAC over again with the FPGA. Until at some point he finally runs into a brick wall but there is no telling when if ever that will be because he is highly creative and a genious to boot. thank you Ted!

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How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?


Indeed. Beat the kid as well. That, is best on 200G vinyl my friend. You have not heard it until you have heard it that way because that was the original format. I imagine that you have however. No DAC needed but instead a phono preamp!

LOL. I beg to differ!

Now I’m annoyed with myself that it didn’t occur to me to look at source code on that page…

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Don’t bother, it is not lurking in the source code anywhere.

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It is transformed! I will put this plain and simple. Now, the DSS will squarely KILL the likes of CHORD DAVE, AYRE QX-5 TWENTY and just about all comers up to say, $35,000! wondering what the heck the TSS is going to KILL then!

I am very surprised there is no activity on this! Don’t you folks even know that the firmware was released Today? One day early! thank You Paul, Ted and all of the PS Audio Family! You all rock! You nailed it this time for sure!

Look at this thread: Upcoming DS release