Woke up to hard reboot mystery.


I have a little bit of a concerning mystery on my hands.

My PWD mk II and my PC are both connected to the same fusebox circuit, but different wall receptacles and different APC surge protectors. So in other words the only common link is the fusebox for my home.

I started playing music over USB at around 2:30 am and quickly fell asleep as I usually do. Amp and DAC stay powered on with their hard switches. The amp I am currently using is the Schiit Ragnarok. It has main failsafe and fault protections none of which werequires tripped afaik. Connected with balanced lines.

When I woke up, my computer reported in its logs a bad shutdown, meaning it had its power cut without booting everything down. Amp was still on at the same settings with no fault protections tripped. I had left it on. This leads me to believe the amp was not “affected.”

My PWD on the other hand, was on, but volume 50 and filters, phase, and SR set to the default values you see when turning the unit on/off with the hard power switch. This concerns me.

The fuse breaker was not tripped/blown in the fuse box. Clocks were still showing right time, so no indication the power had blinked.

Regardless of what caused my computer to shut off or PWD, or whichever happened first, the PWD and PC are not linked by anything other than USB between PC and DAC and the fusebox: separate power strips and wall receps.

Anyone have any ideas? This seems like it points to a more serious and dangerous issue with power.

is there any way that the computer shutting off could have glitched the DAC into a hard reboot? Or vice versa?

Just recently before this my PC power supply went for unknown reasons while I was upstairs with music playing and somehow the fuse/PSU in my PWD got blown as well. Just got it back from warrantee repairs. Would prefer to keep my gear from getting fried.

Solutions and ideas welcome. Will provide any further info requested.