Woo hoo my M700s are here!

So my beautiful M700 monoblocks and the Hegel P20 preamp I decided to pair them with arrived today.

Took the rack apart, reassembled it all and introduced the new amps to my Directstream dancing-009_gif

I’ve read here the M700s and S300 need considerable burn-in. Well I can hear it. At times breathtaking. But also all over the place!

The Hegel manual says the P20 also needs “considerable time” before reaching peak performance.

Oh well, nothing to do except keeping listening to great sounds.

I’ll leave them playing constantly for a few weeks and then report back. But based on what I’m hearing already (and that’s despite them being audibly all over the place) I’m sure this is a purchase I won’t regret shaking-head-no-smiley-emoticon_gif


Jealous. My plan is to get three M700s for my front 3 channels and an S300 for the rears for my HT system. Talk about kick ass!

Wow! Talk about going all in!

Out of interest what’s your front end on that setup. Is that the Anthem in your signature as processor/preamp?

Hehe you better hope you don’t get the Atmos bug or you’ll need another two S300s for upfiring duties… wink

Yeah, the Anthem is my front end and I love it. It’s crazy it sounds so good but it really does. The best thing about it is it’s bass management which incorporates my JL Fathom subs seamlessly. And as for Atmos, I have no interest. I’d rather spend my $$ on my 2 channel gear.

As for the M700s, I think my first step will be a pair for the front speakers and use my McIntosh MC205 for the center and rears. I could get the other M700 for the center and a S300 for the rears down the line.