Would a DirectStream PP20 work in my system?

Hi, I am considering purchasing a PP20 to power my entire audio system (if possible). Along with probably 10 low power consumption devices such as sources and processors, I have two McIntosh 1.2kw amps, 5 additional channels of Bryston 300 watt amplification spread across two of their amplifiers and a JL Fathom 212 sub.

Is one PP20 enough to run the system and, if so, would there be any issues connecting all the devices to the unit even if I had to run a power strip or two off the PP20?

Thank you,


Boy, that’s a tough load if you get anywhere near running it at close to those power levels. If it were me I’d be more comfortable with two: one dedicated to the McIntosh main amps, the other for the rest of the group.

Hi Paul and thanks for the response. I never get anywhere near the potential power levels living in a townhouse community with paper thin walls. The Macs rarely get over about 120 watts peak as indicated by their metering system.

Then you may well be within the capabilities of a single P20. Most of us don’t even come close to the limits and we use that extra power to stay in the linear regions of the amp. Get a P20 and give it a try. If you want, get it directly from us. We give you a full 30 days to play with it and decide - and we pay shipping both ways.