Wrong factory reset on my P15

I have a P15. I live in Italy, it works at 230 Volt.
I tried to make a factory reset from the display.
After the reset, the display showed the US style plug (instead of the Schuko plugs) and it was set for 120 Volt with an alarm on the display saying that the voltage was too high.
The display also showed that my unit was a P20 instead of a P15 !!
What kind of factory reset is it?? A big mess!! The PS Audio quality control has some problem.
To fix the problem I had to reinstall the 1.25 firmware with the sd card.
I wonder why they leave the option to make a factory reset if it puts the power plant in a completely different model and with different voltage value.
My model is for European market, not for USA market!

You are correct; this should not occur.

Is everything back to normal now?

I tried it for a couple of minute, before going back to office.
It seems that it is back as it was, P15 at 220 V and Schuko plugs on the display.
Do you think that the factory reset could have damaged my P15?

I doubt there is any damage as the unit is physically made for the European market. That is, set to handle the higher voltage.

Good to hear everything appears to be back to normal.

It’s a couple of weeks that my P15 doesn’t switch off with the remote control.
The relè doesn’t make any noise.
The factory reset brings my unit with a P20 model at 120 Volt.
I cannot reinstall the firmware.
My unit is Unknown as showed by the display.

I had many problems with my two old Power Plant Premiere, both of them broken.
It seems that the reliability of these device is very weak!
It’s a nightmare!

The problem appears when the P15 has in operations for a few hours.
In this case, if I switch off the unit also from the back main switch, I don’t ear the traditional rumor coming from the relè.
If I try to switch on again, the P15 initializes and runs as it was for USA market, as it is in the picture.
Sometimes, if I leave it off for a few hours, it starts again in right mode and it works properly till I try to switch off again.

Sorry to hear about the trouble with that unit. It sounds like something is going on with the IO board or a cable leading to it.

Email me - tjt@psaudio.com and let’s see if we can resolve this.


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