Yale upgrade problem with Pure Music DSD

DSD was working properly with Pikes Peak. First no DSD, only showed PCM on the DS. Now get DOP displaying but much static. Has the display changed to read DOP? It used to read DSD on DS screen?

Any ideas? I have written to Rob but no response yet?


Welcome to the forum Jeff!

I’m pretty sure the display shows DOP when using Bridge 2 to play DSD files. Not sure about USB or other inputs. I wouldn’t worry about the display showing DOP (that does mean the DS is seeing the content as DSD) but the fact you’re getting static instead of music is obviously not right. What is your system configuration (Mac or PC or other, server software, control point software, connection type, etc.) Can you run the bit perfect test (look in the knowledge base for instructions and the downloads page for the files)? If any digital signal processing is going on, including even reducing the volume in the server software, DSD will not play properly.

Thanks for the reply. Rob got back to me and his first suggestion was it. Audio midi had switched back to 2ch 16 bit and should be 24 bit.

System is Synology Nas to network to mac mini (pure music) usb to DS dac to Genesis M60 monos to Genesis 5.2 speakers. Genesis speaker wires and Audio Art power cords. ICs are Silnote Audio.

Now shows DOP, must be change in Yale display. Sounds super.

Thanks again.

Great. Glad you got it up and running.