12v trigger question

Since neither my DS nor DMP have 12v trigger outputs I need to find some other way to remotely send a signal to the 12v trigger inputs on my amps to power them on when I turn on system from my listening chair.

Any ideas?


How many amps/devices need to be triggered?

Just the 2 mono blocks. I already have them daisy chained to trigger each other but they need an external remote activated trigger.

This would do it. The way it works is, you plug this Niles device into a power outlet. You then plug in the electronic component (that does not have the 12v trigger out) into the Niles device. When you power on the electronic component, the Niles senses the current and sends the 12v signal out to the component you want to trigger, in this case the mono block amp with the 12v trigger input.

A couple things… it is a bit pricey at around $200. The other issue I see is it requires you plug in a piece of equipment into this Niles box which essentially passes power on to your device. I would not want to plug this device into my Power Plant and then plug my DSD into this Niles box because I can’t imagine it does good things to the power going into your DSD. If there is another, non-hifi component that is always turned on along with your DMP/DSD, that could work. The Niles just needs to sense current and it doesn’t care where it comes from.


I agree with your reservations about plugging the DSD into the Niles device and the only other devices in my system are always kept on not powered on and off by remote.

But thanks. I had looked at the Niles gear and had hoped to find something much simpler and cheaper.

Just a device that plugs into my power conditioner, senses a IR signal from a remote and outputs a 12v trigger to the amps.

I agree, that would be ideal. I cannot believe somebody doesn’t manufacture such a device. Seems to me it would be in sufficient demand.

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My sentiments exactly.

It doesn’t solve the price issue, but if backed into a corner, you could get the Niles device and plug your cable box into it or something similar that’s remote controlled. When you want to listen, you would power on that device or appliance just to get the 12v signal sent out to your mono blocks.

This worked for me:
It’s cheap at $40 but not currently available on Amazon.
You might look elsewhere

This device is meant to turn a single 12v trigger output into multiple outputs. Unfortunately, it would not work in @andolink’s situation as he does not have any 12v outputs.

Nope I was in the same situation, and this little item outputs the required 12 volt signal. I push one button and my 4 amps come to life, all daisy chained together.

Oh nice! From the literature it seemed it needed a 12v trigger input to function. I had seen it but figured it would not be relevant. Thanks for clarification.

I found a nice surprise that my P-10 can trigger my power amps. This way everything will be able to be remote controlled for power.

I got the link from a PSA tech. -Jeremy Bretty ,I believe.

I tried that as well, but too many power outlets needed to be programmed to be “always on”
-Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Based on the Emotiva product description:
“The ET-3 can also be configured to send trigger signals to up to three connected devices as soon as it is powered on. You can then plug the power supply for the ET-3 into any powered outlet on a remote controlled power strip or piece of stereo equipment. As soon as the ET-3 receives power, it will send trigger signals to turn on the trigger-enabled equipment connected to its outputs.”

…you would need to remotely control the power to the ET-3 in order to engage the 12v trigger outs. What method did you use John to remotely power on and power off the ET-3?

I don’t use a remote control for this. I push a single button on the ET-3. -This doesn’t seem to be too much trouble for me.

My only gripe with the ET-3 is the number of LED’s which light up my rack when it’s on. -Problem solved with a piece of electricians tape.

My P-10 has not arrived yet but i will do some investigating when i get it. I will be leaving the outlets feeding the Directstream DAC the DMP and the NPC and the power amp always on. I have been reading the instructions getting familiar before it gets here. There is really nothing of any instruction regarding the use of the 12 volt trigger other than it tracks the power switch on the P-10

It was just easier for me to use the ET-3, instead of programming the outlets on my P10. I push one button to turn on my Allnic preamp and one button to turn on my BHK 300’s and Stellar monoblocks. I like to keep it simple. -Actually, I push the button on the ET3 in to turn the amps off, and button out to turn them on.

Good luck,


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