Cable to P20


I am looking at a potential upgrade to the cable from the wall to my P20.

I am currently using an ASI Liveline Reference.

My local dealer is suggesting Audioquest Hurricane or Firebird, and Wireworld Platinum.
I mentioned Shunyata Sigma, based on the feedback on this forum. It is complicated for him to get that one, but he will try.
He will see what he can send me to try in my system.

Any feedback on these brands or suggestions of other ones welcome.
Thank you :pray:

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Hey Phillipe

My favorite is the Pangea
and are available with 20 amp wall plug if needed.
They use Cardas Grade 1 copper and employ a silver
plated copper braided shield…

With my P15 and Parasound JC5 the results are
very impressive dynamically, with great soundstage
with the minutest details and spatial rendering.
Very fast not bright. I highly recommend.

Take a look

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Thank you @davida, I have seen them mentioned by others on the forum.
I will see if I can try that here in Belgium.

I forgot to say that while their power plugs are not eye candy
they are sealed using argon to prevent oxygen contact with
the termination and process…

I haven’t seen any other cable manufacturer go this
extra mile. Says a lot for Jay Victor and Pangea.

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In our listening at the factory we use the Audioquest Thunder cable or the Dragon in our reference room. We’ve found the Audioquest cables to be really good and compliment our gear. But that’s not to say that another brand won’t perform as well, we stick to an all Audioquest lineup of cables.


All my life, I used just Van Den Hul, but switched to AudioQuest a few years back all across, speakers, power, and interconnects. Ironically, my AQ cables come from their Netherlands facility, the same country of VDH :grin:

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Thanks @Serhan and @kevinjackson

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AC-12 vs Thunder???

While the AC12 is a fantastic cable he did find that the sound did improve when we moved the Audioquest Thunder cables.


I use the BAV with a 20Amp IEC plug upgrade that is a step up. They us a great sounding wattgate connector. You do need 20 amp service I am not sure what is available in your country. Otherwise it ships with the 15 amp

I am getting a major step up in bass slam, solidified articulation. But requires some footers under P30 else it is on the warmish side of bass sound.

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If your budget permits AQ Hurricane is the sweet spot in the line up between Thunder and Dragon.


I’ll second the BAV cable. It’s great and sounds as good or better than my shunyata alpha nr. Price is a lot better also.


Anyone use Transparent Audio?

Or Shunyata ?

Another vote for Belden / BAV. I have 8 of the 10 gage model and will buy more. Quality, price and performance are outstanding.

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I’m currently using a Shunyata Alpha V2 XC going into the 20 amp inlet on my P20 and it’s the best cable I’ve used for that purpose by a large margin.

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If you are into DIY, owned three P10’s not too long ago and feed each with double run DIY pc’s, as you can see in my pictures. The brown cable is Audioqest AC 12 consisting of 2 male ends and one female end.
If go this way, make sure your breaker is turned off before you plug into the wall, since the other male end becomes live.
Dramatic degradation in music if only 1 male end is plugged in.IMG_6534 IMG_6535

I put a Shunyata Sigma in place to feed my P20.
It isn’t coming off, no sir. I don’t even remember the drama I went through to get myself to pay the price. Fortunately I bought mine during a 20% off sale. You can find them used for $1400.

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I found a cord that can bring the performance 0f the P20 up a few notches. It’s a little pricy but I have not heard anything better. It’s the Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Analog 20amp IEC. Along with the Bees Wax Ultimate Premier fuse, It brings the resolution level of the P20 to a pretty extreme level!! You can tailor the sound for more transparency or for more warm with active bullets. I see these cords going in the use market for a measly $2400.

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