5 Meter Power Cable for the Dectet Power Center

Please guide me in choosing the ‘ideal’ 5 Meter power lead that connects from the Mains wall socket to the Dectet Power Center. I will be making a DIY cable, I am considering silver plated copper connectors on both ends , as for the cable should i use the BELDEN 19364, DH-Labs Silver Sonic ENCORE, even a 2.5mm2 from a local hardware store https://www.screwfix.com/p/nexans-heat-resistant-flex-3183tq-3-core-2-5mm-5m-white/8869t or something else? Any guidance would be much appreciated.


This is popular DIY cable. Belden 83803 is a bit on the stiff side, but works well.

Consider this belden cable as well, it is billed as sort of a combination of the 83803 and 19364. https://lavacable.com/collections/bulk-cable/products/caldera-ac-power-cord-bulk

I have used the 83803… it is indeed a bit stiff; not really too much of an issue once you are done constructing the cables but it is a tad difficult to work with. Not extremely so, but I prefer something more flexible. You might want to also consider one of the Gotham Audio bulk power cables. Oyaide Black mamba has a great rep over at Audioasylum, but I haven’t tried it. More $$ too but possibly worth it.

Many thanks for the replies. Thought i’d update my decision… Ended up getting a good deal for Lapp ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 100 CY (3 x 2.5MM2) along with silver plated mains and IEC connector.