AC-12 power cord


My opinion Ron, from my experience when I was dealing with lesser and better power cords: if the preamp is tube, put it there, if not, put it on the DAC. That worked best for me in the past. But I really recommend if possible trying it both ways and see which seems best in your system.


Thanks Lon. That’s exactly what I found although I’m not always sure I’m not hearing what I think I should—the old placebo…
The tubes I understand but the digital dac, I don’t really.


DACs are noisy and also susceptible to noise. The AC12’s better shielding can help prevent noise from getting into the DAC and out from the DAC to the rest of the system. At least that’s my guess.


Well, everything sounds better imo with clean power, and with the PS Audio line imo they all sound best the highest up the line you can go. I ended up putting AC-12 on every component. . . not for the faint-of-wallet. I could hear the difference each time I stepped down or stepped up.

The DAC seems to thrive on clean power the way that the regenerators and the AC line of cables dish it out. Each system is going to be a little different. . .in some putting the AC-12 on the preamp may be best, others on the DAC or even a transport. Experimentation may be fun but should be instructive. . . .


I’m convinced that the dac responds with the greatest apparent improvement over all the rest of components. I just wish The Guru, the seer of sooth, sooth sayin’ Beard of Knowledge would float down from the mount on his Lazy Boy and tell us children why—or why not.


Personally I’ve accepted that I don’t understand all this and just trust my ears and foster a desire to experiment and try to keep an open mind. . . .

Most times I love this hobby, baffling as it can be.


Hi all, I just recently came across this fake AC-12 issue. I personally own a few of these power cables. Reading this thread, I believe the length of the barrel can be use to identify if the cable is fake or not. But I can’t seems to find any measurement any where. So i took some pictures of my own cable. Which includes the barrel size on both ends and thickness. My cable also weight out to be 3lbs.

Given these info, can someone let me know if the cable is fake / real?
Thanks in advance.


Send your pics to customer service. Someone will get back to you with some insights and an opinion, if they do not respond here first. There is some resistance to listing all of the tell-tale signs on these fora so as not to tip off counterfeiters on how to fake the funk. I seem to recall that 3 lbs weight is a good sign. Good luck.


This has been covered here in depth. My recollection and personal experience was that it was easier to spot the cable by weight, by the diameter and flexibility of the fake. The fake is lighter. The fake is stiffer an the diameter of the cable is narrower.


Hi Paul!
I think this may be another fake:

The seller is willing to sell it for $270.


I’m not sure if it’s not actually real. Most fakes were 2 meters. The fake has a rigid conduit under the sheathing. The real cable has some compliance. Not a lot, but more than the fake. The sheathing here has a bit of crinkle showing. No way to know without actually handling it in person. Or the picture isn’t necessarily the actual item for sale.


Ad shows $525, did you negotiate him down to $270?


I made a $220 offer and the seller replied that $50 more would seal the sale.
That is when I got suspicious.


I would think it would be a wise business move to purchase these suspected (highly suspected) fakes for forensic analysis and display to further show the genuine articles real construction vs. fake.

Perhaps PS Audio does but chooses to not share the info. Or it’s been tried in the past only to not provide return on investment.

How many thousands of different makers and cables out there…entry is too easy and claims must be heard. So much effort for subjective gain.


I can purchase it but if it is a fake I will be stuck with it.


I would reach out to or and see if or what they can do to help on a new one if you find it is fake. It would be off the market and they’ll probably make you a pretty good deal on a new, real one.


Thanks for the solid advice.


Stiffer and thickness are helpful only if you have a genuine article for comparison. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but my understanding is that the 2m cables are the ones that have been counterfeited. I found weight to be the quick way to check it out. To scottie’s figure, add a little for genuine, subtract a little for fake. Or PM me and I’ll send you photos showing the difference.


So I just bought a 3m ac-12, who at PS can I contact to confirm weight, please?

I can share a link from Audiogon where I bought it and a pic of me weighing it if that helps


It’s not a definitive test and we don’t recommend using weight as a guide. The best way is to purchase from us or an authorized dealer.