Added switch and lost connection

Hey I have a Perfectwave MKII with a Bridge I. I decided to add a switch, D-Link DGS 1005G, so that I could connect (via Ethernet) a couple devices. Now the dac won’t connect to the network. Any suggestions? Originally the dac was wired to the WiFi router.

Is the switch connected to the wifi router?
Do you have link light on all connected ports?
Do other devices connected to the switch work?

Yes a windows computer.

Is the bridge setup for DHCP? If so set to static and give it a free IP Address/Default Gateway/DNS and test.

It is set to dhcp. I tried static and it will connect. Was wondering what was keeping dhcp from working? When set to static JRiver couldn’t locate it.

OK sounds like you have a network issue. Can you draw out how your switch is setup? I assume your router is giving out DHCP addresses? Is the switch setup for a different network than the network JRiver is on?

The switch is passive in that you can’t configure it. I simply removed the ethernet cable from the dac inserted it into the switch. Then cables from the switch to the dac and computer. Basically to hard wire the computer.

Is there Way to get the dac to try to pull an ip?

Sorry can’t remember how the Perfectwave DAC configures. It has been a long time since I had one. But with my Directstream DAC you can go to the menu and select configuration for the bridge card. From there you have the option of DHCP or Static. I assume the Perfectware would be the same.

When you added the switch did you change the configuration on the Perfectwave?

No I didn’t change the configuration. After it didn’t connect on it’s on I powered it off from the main power switch waited and powered it back on. I then set up the static address to make sure the switch port/cable worked. I’m going to get a router with more ports but was hoping I get this to work temporarily.

Can you ping the dac from windows?

Verify ip, subnet mask and default gateway on the dac. Or just use dhcp to make sure there is no typo.

Is the switch also connected to the router? All the devices you mention have to be networked. Only connecting them to a switch won’t do the trick.

Well I went ahead and set up a static address which as before allowed it to connect to the network, tried swapping switch ports so I don’t know exactly what fixed it but I can live with it for now. Yes the switch is connected to the router.

I guess you have to power cycle the device each time you change the ip address. But I don’t why dhcp won’t work.

Yes I could ping the device with the static address but I wanted to know why dhcp wasn’t working.

Okay I revisited this and after I got it to connect via a static ip address, I then went to the webpage and changed DHCP from NO to YES and it stayed connected after a power cycle.