Advent 2002

Being home almost 24x7 I need to keep busy with small projects, so scouring the local ads to pass time, I came across these Advent 2002 speakers for $10, so I figured it would give me something to tinker with… they play, but definitely need some new surrounds and I’m sure a recap would help…


Interesting. I have an old pair of PSB Stratus Gold’s and was thinking of the same thing. Could I impose upon you to post some pics of your work?

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Hi @BillT thanks for the interest. By all means I can share some of my efforts, however, I am just a hack that enjoys fiddling at times, so my work may not be pretty. :slight_smile:

As for your speakers, they are solid, but a very different crossover setup. You can look at the electrolytic capacitors, but I’ve not heard of many issues otherwise.

Here is an interesting thread that may give you better ideas as it is specifically for your speaker:

Have a great Sunday.

What’s weird is they look like almost new - no scratches or fingerprints; almost like they’ve been in a box (came in the original box) and other than surrounds, they have not been used.

Well, there is mold inside, so shutting this $10 experiment down. Off to find another project.

Inside the cabinets themselves?

Yes- I started to get concerned as looked closely at the surrounds, which are kinda peppered with a white dot film of mildew, and once you pop the woofers, there is growth inside. Must have been stored in a damp basement or garage. If these were expensive speakers, I might have taken the time to properly restore, but not worth the hassle/risk with these. It is a shame, as the exterior (minus the surrounds) are pristine.

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