Aesthetix Janus / Calypso

I have asked twice in 2 weeks via email for an update at least…crickets. All I know is I spent good money 4 months ago for a unit I used for less than 100 hrs! I have to keep reminding myself I still own a Janus! At least I think I did? Solid service and customer respect in the USA today is few and far between with that gap widening everyday!

I am so sorry. I know they are a very small company and might be back logged but it’s not an excuse not to communicate with you. Have you called them?

Yes, just a voice mail system picks up, were messages are left. I am still rocking my BHK preamp. Maybe I just sell the Janus and pick up a Stellar phono pre instead.

Slow turn-around is somewhat tolerable from a small boutique company. But indifferent customer service is just not acceptable. Someone from Aesthetix should take the initiative to keep the customer informed, even if it means that they take after-hours time away from their family or social activities to do so.
There are so many great companies in this field, like PSA, that I just wouldn’t own a product from a company that doesn’t value my business.

Well said. Without the customer there is no business…

I was told when I shipped it in 4-6 weeks

This hits a nerve with me. I’ll tell u my story. Maybe it will help. Misery/company.

My tubed pre blew a fuse and I did not know it. I checked it - and it looked completely fine. I got an rma and sent it in. About 3 weeks later they say - u just blew the fuse. So I say - ok while there lets do upgrades on power supply(critical to the story) make it direct coupled / and some other things.
I get it back and within 4 hours of play - fuse blows. So they claim it’s something on my side. I go thru the trouble to try and debug things - removing cables/ different amps/ different circuits. Direct to wall / thru power conditioner. Literally 4 weeks of me doing this - so I get another rma - I again pay for shipping (3rd time) … it goes back and after several weeks - problem is the power supply. Ok… but we just modded the power supply??? I had to go back n forth on pricing as I was being charged double bench fees…double rma fees …3 shipping fees with a 4th coming… so FINALLY problem solved right??

We negotiate some of the fees - I’m not completely happy - but whatever - sort of fair I guess. Comes back - Open up the box and…where’s the proprietary umbilical to the power supply? ‘You never sent it to us’. … Bulls**t!!! A 300 dollar cord! I tell them they are dead wrong and what do I have to gain here? I checked the rma when you received it - and it showed umbilical received. ‘Look around your house’. BS!! About two weeks later they eat crow and say ‘ it was placed with another unit’. So obviously - the tech got my unit - the umbilical was misplaced …he then unchecked it as being received. they never tested an electrical issue with the actual umbilical - then found it after the fact.

I get the cord in the mail - and thank god everything works and sounds swimmingly well. Probably a 12 week effort.

Does the company name rhyme with prosthetics? LOL

We have been sooooo spoiled with the amazing service, addititude, and care from PS Audio. Very few hold a candle to PSA…IMO

My Janus is heading back to me. :grin:


Darren–I hope you like it enough that the aggravation quickly fades. As I’ve said before, I loved the rich sound of my Calypso----until Mr Oak Tree stopped in-to my house and came to rest finally on said Aesthetix Calypso. But beware of the shoddy construction as it will not support an oak tree. :grinning:

My unit is now on a Fed Ex truck for it’s return. Well sorta, Aesthetix called me and said they mixed up my silver face plate ( had my unit changed to black while there ) and they were not sure what panel was mine. They claimed it will ship separately. So the saga continues.

I replied email with this message to them:

As you would expect I would like the tracking # for the silver panel sent as shipped this week. My unit was sent in with silver panel without scratches, fading or wear marks as the unit was NOS. So the silver panel that should be shipped back to me should represent those facts without question. I trust that this will be the case, as Aesthetix is all about quality and customer service. I look forward to the Janus back in my system and will gladly report back in a few weeks with how I feel the unit has improved my system.

Ohh no Darren!!! News flash!!! Might be a slight delay…sorry dude. …:rofl:



LOL. Likely with this one… LOL

Did it arrive?

Tuesday it arrives. Now I am waiting on Aesthetix to FIND my original front panel ( had it changed to black ). They misplaced it. It will ship later they claim! I told them since the unit was NOS just send me a new one. That was Tuesday, still no panel shipped yet. If I don’t have a perfect one in transit by this Thursday I am calling my CC to dispute all the charges. Let them eat it. I have been so understanding with them, but I’m done at this point!

This makes one’s head spin! These guys are fast approaching ridiculous.

Whoa whoa whoa !!! This is fake news! You are just trying to top my story! Lol.
Mine was diff mfg. at least you will be able to play yours when it arrives. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Got the Janus back. They set it to -12 db output when it left. Odd choice for 86 DB maggies. So I have to change it, which is easy. I still have not heard anything about the missing silver panel ( $300.00 ).