Aesthetix Janus / Calypso

I have asked twice in 2 weeks via email for an update at least…crickets. All I know is I spent good money 4 months ago for a unit I used for less than 100 hrs! I have to keep reminding myself I still own a Janus! At least I think I did? Solid service and customer respect in the USA today is few and far between with that gap widening everyday!

I am so sorry. I know they are a very small company and might be back logged but it’s not an excuse not to communicate with you. Have you called them?

Yes, just a voice mail system picks up, were messages are left. I am still rocking my BHK preamp. Maybe I just sell the Janus and pick up a Stellar phono pre instead.

Slow turn-around is somewhat tolerable from a small boutique company. But indifferent customer service is just not acceptable. Someone from Aesthetix should take the initiative to keep the customer informed, even if it means that they take after-hours time away from their family or social activities to do so.
There are so many great companies in this field, like PSA, that I just wouldn’t own a product from a company that doesn’t value my business.

Well said. Without the customer there is no business…

I was told when I shipped it in 4-6 weeks