After unplugging DAC for a while it doesn't initialize anymore


I had the DAC unplugged for a few days. It was working prior. Went to plug it back in and nothing. I can see some green light through the back panel but nothing up front lights up at all?


That doesn’t sound good. Have you tried pushing the On button on the remote? If the DAC is starting up with the display turned off (which I don’t think is should) this will turn it back on (pressing Dim turns the display off). I assume the unit has been turned on at the back panel.


Yes I just tried the remote in case and nothing is working. The DAC was fine when I unplugged it that’s what is concerning. I have it hooked into a Niles with other components and unplugged that from the wall… I was going to be leaving for few days and in case of storms etc. I unplug it all as part of the leave house routine…


Doesn’t sound good. I assume you checked that the power cord was firmly inserted in the back as well as into the Niles.


You might open it up and check the fuses. It is possible that one of them was on the edge and blew when you plugged it back in.



I have the exact same problem as Randy. Was there any solution found? My unit is under warranty, but hopefully it’s only a matter of a fuse or two?

Thanks in advance for any advice,



A blown fuse is a possibility.

We can all forget to turn off the main power switch before plugging it in, and then switching it back on as well. :)

Another possibility is corrupt firmware. I would try loading firmware one version earlier than the one you are running just to see if this fixes the issue.