Ps-audio perfect wave stuck in initializing

For years i have a perfect wave dac, i wanted to change the firmware with a card. It worked perfectly, however i didnot like the sound of it so i want back to 2.4.6 and now it’s stuck in initializing. I tried every card i have. Doesnot work. So what do i do next?

Turn it off using the rear main switch.
Unplug all connections like the HMDI cable.
Remove the card.
Wait a few minutes, then turn the unit back on.
Good luck.

I only had the main suply cable on it, it does not update it just starts initializing again with no succes.

I’ve done this “ritual” so many times with so many friends, mine is stuck :sob: :sob:

Sorry to hear. Call the factory service department.

I send them an e-mail. Maybe somebody can help me before monday?