All of a sudden DS USB volume drops to 50

I’d just put my system back in operation, with Sunlight loaded on my DS. To get time on my system (it’s been boxed up for almost a year!) I set up my Logitech Touch via USB into the DAC. Everything was going fine through yesterday, with the DS volume set to 92 as some have mentioned was good with Sunlight.

I shut everything down yesterday afternoon because of heavy threatening thunderstorms. I turned everything back on today, reset the DS volume to 92, and started listening. Inside of about 30 seconds the volume on the DS dropped back to 50. I powered off the DAC, turned it back on, same thing happened on USB. I switched to I2S with my PST and the DS is holding steady at 92. But when I switch to USB it eventually drops back to 50. I’ve never had this happen before. I’d been running the system for days on USB with no issues up until the shutdown yesterday.

I noticed the other day a similar if not identical occurrence.
I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining this. It only seemed to do this when the volume of the DS was in the mid-50 levels. It did not seem to happen when the volume was 60 or above.

This is just weird. I unplugged the USB from the back of the DS, plugged it back in, and now everything seems to be running smoothly again. Hope m not speaking too soon.

If this happens again, there’s an easy fix. Go into the settings and set the DAC level to locked instead of variable. It won’t happen when this is set.

Yes, I know this, but I never did that before. :wink:

Software is freaking weird man :man_shrugging:


I have made the same experience, and after months of head scratching, I am sure to know now the reason - for at least my system:

I use the BRIDGE II

The backdrop to Vol 50 (and that affects ALL inputs!) happens

  1. as soon as I unplug my router from the power strip
  2. as soon as I unplug the eathernet cable from the DS
  3. as soon as I have any other problems with my internet.

It seems, that something “special” happens inside that DAC in that moment. When I “correct” the volume, it mostly jumps back another 2 or three times before it settles again. As soon as i plug in the eathernet cable or router again, everything is ok and stable.

I’m pretty sure about that context, because it is repeatable under “controlled conditions” a s often as I want (but I don’t…normally).

Hope that helps!

Hmm. I don’t recall any of those things happening in my circumstances. But I’ll keep a closer eye on it if it happens again.

…it could happen, if the internet is interrupted only for a short moment, or You listen to a CD and the modem restarts in the backround without further notice. I needed months to figure it out for myself. During a discussion with the nice guys from PS about that, months ago, sometimes in between I was recommended to deinstall the Bridge for a while - what I never did…but that would fit into the picture.

Maybe simply try it for Yourself: disconnect the eathernet cable and wait what happens. I would be curious to read about the outcome.

Could be, that my story is not Yours, and as a former PS dealer in Vienna/Austria I also can tell, that over the years several units of the same model sometimes had…uhm…slightly different…characters - loveable, but…characters :grinning: