PS Audio DAC Volume reset wiht USB cable

Using a usb cable into my PS audio DirectStream DAC, it automatically starts out at a volume of 50; when I set it to 92, it resets to 50 with no action on my part, repeatedly. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a way to correct it to remain at the volume level I set?

If you go into the DAC’s settings, you are able to lock the volume at a set number. This should prevent it from doing any jumps like that.

Jamesh, thank you. Craig

Craig D. Norris
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i was having this very same issue with my DSD DAC. The issue happened for me when the DAC was first powered up. I would set the DAC desired volume after power up, then it would go back to 50, so I got
around the issue by powering cycling the dac. Now I just leave the DAC powered on all the time.