Analysis Plus

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

NASA’s in my backyard… :+1: :+1:

@j1hampton, I’m a big fan of Analysis Plus cables, but my experience with them to date has been more in their budget range. If you can recall from your listening tests, which Audience and Wireworld cables were compared to the AP?

@j1hampton Thank you for sharing your experience. This LightSpeed Red USB is quite interesting. What source do you use to feed your DAC?

@Serhan current chain is a dedicated AsusRog>JRiver>AudioQuestJitterBugsx2>LightspeedUSB>DSD>BHKPre>M700s via XLR and using the RCA out to feed another system. Ordered a CuriousEvolved Blue USB cable and will compare to the Lightspeed once burned in. Planning on another standalone dac to feed my Pass Headphone Amp and will ultimately use the CuriousEvolved to feed the new dac. The AQ Jitterbugs help in old school computer rigs :wink: but the Lightspeed showed me the need for a quality USB cable. For really hi-end tweaks like the Harmonic, SupraHifi in Texas are good, although they prefer their Bricasti over PSA, good guys with great lines. They have the AnalysisPlus line as well.


Agent Hampton, could you kindly describe the rest of your systym, aside the signal transmission?
You are clearly far in the game of jitter elimination, clear transient transmission, etc., so it would be interesting to know through what you hear all that.

@Arenith so sorry to give any impression that i even know what jitter is ;)… Computeraudiophile, PSA forums, SupraHifi, UnderwoodHifi, MoonAudio, UpscaleAudio, JohnDarkoYoutube, Hans B, these are the knowledge centers. High res files thru DSD>BHK-Pre>PASS-HPA1>LCD-X is a very enjoyable listen, and took a good amount of trust to assemble in this day and age of few Retail listening demos. Speakers are old Bowers&Wilkins 800 Series 3 Matrix that continue to improve with the addition of each component and Ted’s genius OS’s for DSD. But similar to what Paul has said, my wife and I listen to streaming actives in the kitchen most of the time, and are very happy… I will say this for anyone up the industry chain, and for Sales associates, the YouTube sound demos when produced with good recording and video capture by Pursuit of the PerfectSystem, can be invaluable to a wide consumer audience looking to hear a component. Terry Ellis has a number of sound demos using the DSD thru KEF reference 3s that when listened to thru a decent system, do make you want to consider the DSD. His Chord Cutest demos are superb. Many will say there are too many variables, but in this day and age, quality video/sound demos are cost effective imho. That said, my live demo of the KEF Ref 3s at Magnolia Center was obviously good with different components, but listen to Terry’s demo using the Luxman 509x to drive the KEF’s and you be the judge, the wow factor for that component is off the chart. My apologies if i’m breaking any rules here, being informed is the only way to buy at this level in the hobby of hifi. Cheers mates,

Sorry Al, when you say “I didn’t hear hard sterile sound when using them”, were you referring to the APs or the Shunyata speaker cables?

I’m asking because I’m using a pair of Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 speaker cables.

I was talking about the Analysis Plus cables which I now regret selling.

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