Analysis Plus cables

Anybody have experience with their IC’s or speaker cables?
I did a recording session yesterday and the engineer suggested I change my normal patch cord from guitar to amp with his Analysis Plus and I was really delighted with the improvement in sq over my well used Van Den Hul, that I’ve been using for years. It produced a far more natural, woody, acoustic sound from my archtop guitar. (1964 Gibson Johnny Smith to a Twin Reverb)
Just curious.


I have their Big Silver Oval speaker cables and their Silver Oval interconnects. I’m happy with them, however they’re the only cables I’ve heard in my system. So I can’t offer any comparisons.

I had the silver oval (v1) speaker cables in my system for a while and now run the crystal ovals both for speaker cables and for interconnects.

AP makes really good stuff and it’s a great value for the price.

The silver oval SCs were really good—very clean; detailed up top and good tight low end. Only reason I moved to the Crystal Ovals was on account of new speakers which turned out to be a bit brighter more forward in my room than anticipated.

Crystal Ovals are a bit more relaxed up top and, thus, give up just a bit of resolution to the Silver Ovals. Same result for the ICs as compared to the Morrow MA7s i was running prior.

I’m auditioning their Power Cables in a couple of weeks (Ultimate Power Ovals and Power Oval 2s)

I’ve used their patch cords and still do, though my “go to” is a TARA Labs that I purchased from a studio closing down. Great stuff, I’ve used their power cords for instrument amps as well, though I ended up giving my father those that I had for his system.

In a box somewhere in storage I have a pair of their interconnects that I used to use between source and preamp. They are good interconnects, with a “dark and rich” sound in comparison to those I have used since.

I just installed a used pair of Analysis Plus Blue Oval balanced ICs between the Oppo and PS Audio SGCD. Bigger, fuller sound with punchier and deeper bass along with smoother highs and midrange. The Blue Oval is the in-wall version, but works well outside the wall too. Happy with the cables… for now.

I use their Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables, they seem nice.

Big full sound with the copper cables being slightly to the warmer side of neutral. Never tried their silver based stuff. I still think I have a couple of pairs of their copper speaker cables in my cable bin.

I once had a full AP loom consisting of their Big Silver Oval speaker cables, Silver Oval-In interconnects, Ultimate Oval power cords. I have used their Solo Crytal 8 speakers cables as well as a few of their more mid-grade lines of cables.

All in all AP is a solid company and producing high quality, great sounding products. But, at the end of the day, especially with speaker cables, much of the reported successes and failures with AP, or any cable manufacturer, will be dependent on the components within your system.

@RonP, I know they are big in the guitar scene and a lot of musicians swear by AP for cabling.

@RonP, if you are interested I have 2 sets of 1M Analyis Plus Silver Oval Interconnects XLR ends for sale ($400/set) as well as a 5ft pair of the Big Silver Oval Speaker Cable (spade end and bannan end $500), and 2 Power Oval Power Cables for sale ($250 each). I just reconfigured my set up and have gone off the deep end and ordered all MG Audio Speaker Cables and interconnects as well as Shunyata Power Chords. I liked the Analysis Plus but decided to upgrade to possibly no avail, but I have no kids to put threw college so what the hell. I think somebody recently listed the Silver Oval Inteconnects for $500 on the PS Audio Marketplace, I will end up posting this at PS Audio Marketplace and then the US AudioMart, but I am kinda lazy so it might take a while.

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this is truly are quality products!

Ok cables. I had one develop a crackle sound and Analysis Plus refused to fix it. Frustrating customer service. They could learn something from PS Audio about taking care of their customers. I will never buy Analysis Plus and cannot recommend them.

Ron - I’ve had mostly good experiences with them. I’ve had USB cables, a coax digital IC (both bettered by WW) and shot out the Silver Oval speaker cables against the Iconoclasts. Of the three speaker cables from non-Icono makers, the Analysis Plus were the only to give them a run for their money. Though as I recall, they were heavier and stiffer (which is saying something), as well as more expensive than the Iconos I settled on (TPCs). I could certainly live with them, but the Iconos have that “edge definition” thing.

BTW, also really like the WW guitar cable.

Big fan. Balanced and SE copper interconnects throughout my system. They replaced Audience cables a few years back.

I’ve never used AP speaker cables; so, no comment there.

Thanks Mark–I just ordered two guitar cables. I have no interest in replacing my Icono’s but since the guitar cable was so good, it makes me curious. (And curiosity is the bane of my bank account)

I’m curious as to your thoughts Shunyata PCs vs the Power Ovals.

I’ve been in cable auditioning hell for the last couple of months and finally down to the PCs. As I mentioned above, I’m auditioning some AP ones in a week or two (but I’ve heard good things on this forum and elsewhere regarding Shunyatas). If I end up liking the APs, I may be interested in your Power Ovals.

As I side note, I’ve got one kid in college and two others soon to be. Every time I buy something new for my system, my lady immediately translates the cost of it to a percentage of college tuition.

I am waiting for the Shuyata’s to arrive but it might not be a fair comparison. The list on the Shunyata’s Apha NR’s is $1500 vs the $380? list for the AP’s. Call me a sucker but I heard the Alpha NR’s recently in a demo on similar gear and it made me want them badly.

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While we’re veering off Brand topic, I just got WW Eclipse 8 XLR’s to replace Equinox from Pre to Amp. Got more lush and detailed, as it had done going to the Equinox from - I forget what. Not run in at all, just better outa the box. But I’m a pure copper fan. Just has always seemed “musical” to me.

WW make truly differentiated products. Their hdmi Platinum and Silver are amazing.

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I was so impressed with the Analysis Plus Blue Oval XLR that yesterday I replaced my 14 awg home-brew speaker cables with Analysis Plus Black Oval 12. The 12 awg is a good gauge fit for my oddball 6-ohm speakers. I’m still breaking in the cables, but even fresh out of the box they sound amazing. I have no connection to AP other than being a satisfied customer.

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