Android tablet/HDTracks output?

Hey all!

I’ve got a Sprout/Elac B6 combo on the way and I’m super, SUPER excited to get things up and rolling. My main sources (for now) will be an Audio Technica turntable and an old iPad we have laying around. I’m really interested in giving high-res audio files a chance now that I’ll have a decent DAC/amp/speaker setup to utilize, and my current plan is to purchase a used Macbook hooked up via the Sprout’s USB input for those duties.

But then I remembered my Vizio TV came with a handy little Android-based tablet running Lollipop 5.0. So understanding that iOS isn’t currently capable of true hi res audio output, I’m wondering if the Android tablet I already have might be more capable of hi res output. The tablet uses a standard mini-usb port, so getting it hooked up to the Sprout isn’t an issue, but after that, I’m in way over my head in terms of actual output capabilities.

Any experience with outputting hi res audio from a relatively recent Android device? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!