Answers to COVID questions

With all the misinformation and anxiousness surrounding the virus outbreak, I thought it might be helpful have some clear answers to questions from someone you can absolutely trust.

Our 4 son’s pediatrician, and later ER Doctor, and now the medical director of the New York Marathon, lifelong family friend and confidant, Dr. Stu Weiss, has generously started a YouTube channel and website to answer these questions - and for that matter, any medical question, in the same manner as Ask Paul.

To ask a question go to

We’re trying to help Stu get going and spread the word. If you have time, watch a few of the videos, subscribe and tell your friends about it as well.

There are not many legitimate, trustworthy sources with his knowledge and skillset available to answer questions like this, so help us spread the word.



Thank you Paul.



Thank you, Paul!

You mean I have to know more about this small problem, which is meanwhile not completely under control anymore, than that it’s an invention of some opposite party activists around the world? Ok then…I’ll subscribe. Hope the doc offers different truth‘s for each pressure group :wink:

I’m beta-testing the site right now Paul. :wink:

The left side of your brain just made this political, try to do the right thing, and leave politics out.


Hah! Love the beta testing. Thanks though for having a look. It’s not often you can ask individual questions of a physician of his skill set and get answers.

He’s willing to do this as long as there’s interest.

Sorry, but some of his information is not up to date, specifically regarding hand sanitizer. As most know there is a shortage of hand sanitizer and 90% by volume rubbing alcohol for making your own. Recent studies have show that as low as 30% alcohol by volume will kill the coronavirus. That means many alcohol spirits can be used.

New studies say that alcohol as low as 30% by volume can kill the coronavirus on surfaces.

Whisky, as well as other strong spirits, can be an alternative for disinfecting since all you need to kill the coronavirus is 30%. Which is not a lot, so get ready to go back to the store or get it delivered to you. Just make sure not to finish it all by intaking the substance.

How Did They Come to This Conclusion?

Pfaender and her team used a viral strain from a patient from Munich, then infected animal cells with it. The cells were then placed into alcohol solutions with various degrees of strength. Those were about 85 percent ethanol with water(this was recommended by the World Health Organization for hand rubs when commercial good was not available). Next, they repeated the same technique with 10 and 20%; this left the virus still able to thrive and remain intact. When they reached 30%, however, this is where they saw the sudden change that it was just like the 85 percent that the WHO has recommended.

Sars and Mers needed about 35% alcohol to eliminate any of the strains effectively, but for COVID-19, it is surprisingly weaker than the two.

Thanks, Elk. Hopefully we can work to bring some sanity to the world by supporting voices that generously offer the truth.

Thanks. YouTube won’t take anyone serious without 1,000 subscribers and thus, their videos are buried in the millions of others. Subscribing helps the bots that determine what gets seen and unseen.

I have been making it a habit to avoid the networks and rely on boring CSPAN for watching Coumo, Drs Birx, and Fauci. Coumo was on point today about the emotions and fears folks have. Also a good discussion on what we don’t know and how to deal with uncertainty.


I was all in until it said the alcohol was to be applied externally… :laughing:

Seriously good info. I’ve been keeping packages sitting for 3 days…prolly still will…but this is good to know.

Thanks for posting Paul.

I’ll be following these instructions when I receive my “beta copy” of the M1200 monos.

Stay well.

Jeff C

Anyone volunteering for COVID duties? My wife is helping out next week, they had too many applicants. There are two vaccination locations within 10 minutes walk of our house and things seem to be motoring along. I’m 57 with no health issues and just got a text from my NHS surgery to go for jab number 1 next Tuesday. I thought it might be another month.


We been shielding since last March (dog walks avoiding people excluded), wife got her jab a few weeks ago, I got mine today (both mid fifties, but with health issues), mine was delayed due to some or other local admin confusion but overall it seems pretty fast.
What this country is behind on of course is second jabs, since we’ve been concentrating on first jabs. I hope this proves wise!