UK vaccine

Any folks in the UK getting the covid vaccine tomorrow ( 8-Dec-20) ?

Not anyone I know…


Seems like to me y’all are the guinea pigs… :thinking:


I think it will be frontline NHS and care workers to start with, and then the over 80s… Chris will be at the very front of queue because he was born in 1648…! :slightly_smiling_face:


They will have to play Baroque period music to lure him in … :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it mandated? Seems experimental at this point…

Yes. “Passed as 100% safe”!!.
Rolling it out from tomorrow in Scotland. Over 80s first …and prisoners serving a full life tariff… :joy:


last i heard nhs staff mostly have to wait, but the story changes daily.
be a couple of months for this house i think before we get it.
nevertheless fully approved with no steps skipped, just “parallelised”…

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also i think the majority of uk will get the oxford/astrazeneca one, easier to store and transport :slight_smile:

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It will probably be the far end of January or early feb before any member of the public under 60 gets it


I don’t even like to get a flu shot. You really have no clue what they put in the injections.


I’ve never had a flu shot either.


I got the winter flu injection at the start of October. This is the first year I’ve had the flu shot but with the covid I decided to get vaccinated… No side effects. Still crazy!!


Same here…thought it would be prudent as a hedge considering it might give me an indication as to how I would fare with the Vaccine. So far, no problem.


I was told very firmly to get a flu shot ten years ago when I was about to start chemotherapy, and have continued with them since then. This year is the first time I have not had a ‘mini-flu’ reaction. The couple next door are comfortably into their 80’s, so I shall be interested to see when they are summoned for the Covid shot. Dirk is correct that my spiritual birth date is 300 years before my actual one, but they go by actual age so it will be a while before I get the call.


As someone with severe Asthma, elderly parents and one in nursing home, I did A LOT of research, like for DAYS on the vaccines that are coming out. Here are some takeaways:

  • The earliest vaccines are ALL either mRNA, or DNA vaccines that has NEVER EVER been rolled out to humans as vaccines!
  • This includes Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca vaccines
  • The way the certification, testing has been done is the FASTEST in history, we have absolutely NO IDEA if there’s any long-term issues
  • Vaccines have NOT been tested on pregnant women, or anything is known on its impact on ppl planning to have kids soon
  • These vaccines have NOT been given to anyone with auto immune disease and MAY cause issues for folks suffering from that
  • These vaccines have NOT been proven to be stopping the spread of the virus, or even preventing you getting it, BUT they will LOWER your symptoms, and may make a severe one to become mild… BUT some have warned it may actually make a symptomatic COVID case to become asymptomatic, so you may still be contagious!

WHAT is mRNA, DNA vaccines?
You can look em up, but essentially INSTEAD of inactivated virus, OR, weakened virus that are the current method of developing vaccines that has proven to be not only effective, but also safe, these SEND an instruction to your cells, either via messenger RNA (mRNA), or DNA so YOUR CELLS CREATE COVID spike protein! THEN your own immune system recognizes the protein and builds some immunity! In order for the “instruction” to be delivered to your cells, it’s encapsulated in something called “nanoparticles” which is essentially a shield protecting this foreign RNA/DNA from your immune system!

This has never been done before! Moderna specifically developed these nanoparticles and tried in other trial and they FAILED in animal studies, let alone human trials, so they ABANDONED using nanoparticles, UNTIL COVID, which necessitated it. Read this article

The only reason these vaccines are being pushed is that making REGULAR vaccines, TAKES TIME and COST MORE! These new mRNA are essentially DIGITAL vaccines, HACKING your genes to make anit-bodies, hence they got to front of the line. There are TRADITIONAL VACCINES being developed too, but are a few months behind!

Bottom line - my personal take
These vaccines are so new, they may pose issues long term that we may not know yet, SPECIALLY for anyone planning to have kids, or with auto immune disease.

However, the RISK of COVID for old people, SPECIALLY folks in nursing home is GREATER than potential vaccine risk… so we’ve decided that the parents in nursing homes will get it, and one parent WITH comorbidity (heart disease, hypertension) will also get it, BUT the healthy parent, our family, kids, WILL WAIT… hopefully we will wait till TRADITIONAL vaccines with “inactivated/weakened virus” is available, with long-term track record before getting vaccinated.

Obviously, this is my OPINION based on spending a few weeks researching this, always refer to your healthcare practitioner for professional advice.


IFR in US is around .5% for all ages. Worse over 70 (around 5%), way better under 60. Table is from the CDC website. Be happy to take the vaccine when it makes sense for someone who had it to take it (I’ll let others go first). If that was tomorrow, no problem. Military made me take a partial series of Anthrax vaccines. How much worse can this be?


The IFR (Infection fatality rate) generates the lowest appearing numbers as it is a measure of the death rate of all who have picked up the virus. For example, the case fatality rate is much higher, etc.

But arguing about the death rate of a pandemic which has already killed over 280,000 Americans is akin to debating over the size of the flames when your house is on fire and you are wearing a suit made out of dryer lint.


It is getting closer to everyone here every day. My friend’s niece got the virus from some friends. She was only mildly sick for a few days. Her father caught it from her and was dead in a week.
My businesses housekeeper’s family is all sick. They got it from the children. Her mother and father are deathly sick.
There doesn’t yet seem to be any way to predict the severity of symptoms based on any known metric.
My daughter in law is a charge nurse in a local hospital and their case load is now over 50% covid patients (70 with, 50 without, 150 total beds) and many staff are out with the disease. They are nearly overwhelmed with no relief in sight.
It simply bewilders me that simple science can be ignored by so many.


In my days of global business travel I must have received a vaccine for just about anything (I was once told I got one of the last doses of typhoid vaccine). The worst reaction was to the recent pneumococcal vaccine that left me with aches the next day.

With the rollout schedule being what it is, there will be several tens of millions of first responders, nursing home residents, and folks with pre-existing conditions ahead of me serving as a VERY large phase 3 set of guinea pigs. By the time my turn rolls around, the incidence of potential side effects should be well-documented.