New BHK 600?

There were some rumors about a year or more ago about a possible BHK 600 using the P20 chassis. Any update on this rumor? Those would suit my Magnepan 20.7’s nicly!

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I assume you’ve looked into Sanders ESL’ s and Magtech’s to mate with the big Maggie’s? They will drive the 20.7 to a state of bliss…plus no waiting🙂

I do not own electrstats but my parents neighbor has Sanders 10 series speakers with Magtech monos and it sounds ridiculous. These things don’t even blink at the wild impedance swings of his speakers


Paul mentioned a new “BHK 600” in today’s YouTube video: My coolest new product - YouTube

More details please :slight_smile: Stereo? Mono? Integrated?

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Monoblocks, baby, mono blocks in a P20 style chassis. Won’t be out until summer.


Paul. Idea of the cost? I only ask as I am amp shopping and didn’t want to miss this one.

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Love to beta test them, but I had a hard time talking myself into purchasing the BHK 300’s during last years discount. Not to mention I would need to get back to the gym to prepare for moving them into my setup.

The handles on the P20 make it comfortable to move around and place on a rack.

I assume the new BHK 600 in a P20-style case would have similar handles.

I did not like the look of the P20 handles from the pictures, especially in a silver. Not only do they look much more integrated in reality, they are wonderfully handy.

I am eager to learn more about the BHK 600. Exciting stuff.

Another YouTube video with BHK going over the technical aspects of the new amp would be cool!

I second this. I had a lot easier time getting the P20 into my rack compared to the P15. The handles were awesome.

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I have to admit, the pics of the P20 handles look completely out of place. As if a totally different designer grabbed a pair of square sided angular handles off a pile of parts and bolted them on a much more streamlined minimalistic design concept chassis. Glad they look better in person.

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Your reaction is precisely as mine.

My P20 is black and this serves to visually integrate the handles into the overall design better than silver.

But others love the industrial look. It does look like something you would open and use to irradiate dangerous bacteria from space.

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These would be interesting. One of my amps is a 150 pound, 600 watt, true dual mono. There’s nothing like endless power reserves.

Handles, in general, are awesome

They should be 1.2kW monoblocks! :wink:

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Since the topic has been brought up. The P20 is ugly in pictures and ugly in person. I wish I would have purchased mine in black to hide its ugliness. Sorry PSA. New case design for a $20K plus set of amps (just a guess of-course)? The handles are very handy though.

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Personal preferences run the gamut, especially as to aesthetics. I don’t own any PSA components (yet) but I honestly think the P20 is maybe the best looking PSA component. Just my opinion though. Of course I love Audio Research now and when I was a kid and couldn’t afford them thought the Carver components were the bomb. So, yeah, handles …

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I really dig handles (both ascetically and for practical purposes). I love a big rugged design when it comes to amps. However, the P20 just looks like It was two completely different design approaches blended together. Almost like a Queen Ann period coffee table in front of a contemporary Italian leather couch. That said, you wouldn’t see me trying to hide a pair of BHK 600’s.

Keep swinging for the fences Paul

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My P20 is hidden. Sounds good—looks bad.

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