Anyone experiencing FedEx delivery delays

I’ve experienced more than one instance of a driver (FedEx and UPS) and even a USPS delivery person falsely claiming delivery. Most recently that occurred with a USPS package delivery. It was only because I filed a trace request that it was found to be gathering dust at the distribution center. No explanation was forthcoming in response to my trace request, but I’m going to speculate this occurs when a driver or USPS delivery person wants to deal with the immediate pressure of a delivery schedule by making it look in the tracking system as if packages were delivered. In my most recent case it took upwards of a week of repeated searches of the delivery room followed by a trace to get my package physically delivered. With a claim of delivery in the tracking system, it was a hassle arguing with everyone involved in the chain that it didn’t really happen.

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FedEx just delivered the SPP3. Driver placed the box on the patio, rang the doorbell and walked away.

No signature. $2K+ component left on the front patio and no signature :roll_eyes:

Outer box looked like it had been opened and re-taped shut. Inner box looks to be intact.
Need to check for any visible damage.

If I had a choice, I probably wouldn’t use FedEx.


Was signature required by the shipper?

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The outer box is not sturdy. My outer box that had a PST was open and FedEx did not not tape it. Good thing that PSA double box their shipments.

I’m assuming that PS Audio would want a signature. I could be wrong.
The FedEx delivery status stated “Indirect Signature Required.” That means ANYONE could have signed for the package but the driver didn’t bother even getting an indirect signature. He just walked back to his truck.

Is PSA aware that FedEx is doing these things?

I’ve been fairly lucky with FedEx, too.

I like having the packages redirected to the local fedex office, which is just a couple of miles away, and they usually land there long before they would get to my house. So if I have an errand to run, I just swing by and pick stuff up. All good.

UPS has a cool “follow my delivery” feature on their website, which is amusing. But if I want the same “deliver to the local UPS office” service, they charge an extra $5.99 for the privilege.

Not sure why. In this day and age of porch pirates and signature required and re-delivery hassles, it seems like a no-brainer to allow the driver to skip a residence and drop a package at a place they’re already going to anyway.

But what do I know.

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I reported this to PSA and their response was: “That’s a big red flag. We require signature on EVERY FedEx delivery.”

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When my GainCell DAC and M700s and cables were delivered in March, the masked guy wheeled the shipment up to our door, rang the bell, stood back (Covid rules) and when I appeared he said, “Nick check for visible damage.” I saw none. He said, “OK if I sign for you?”
UPS delivering my Maggies, was pretty much the same.
Our local folks are a delight to work with!

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Good idea. I’ve done this with photography equipment rentals but I don’t recall if PSA gives you the option of redirecting. I think you would have to go to FedEx’s website and use their manage delivery option.

yep, exactly.

Once i get the notification that a package is on its way, I log in to the fedex site and change the delivery to pick it up at the fedex office.

I have a feeling that PSA is checking every message in this forum. I didn’t have a similar problem with other PSA products in the past and i am sure it is the FedEx service issue. At least the FedEx delivery man asked me to check if the content inside was fine.

My REL S/510 had a clear hole punched through the carton by FedEx when I took delivery last Friday. It’s not double boxed. Talk about momentary panic. I dropped what I was doing and unpacked it straight away to inspect for damage. It was thankfully intact because of the dead space with foam bumpers. I still don’t understand manufacturers foreign or domestic, knowing how US shippers torture everything they touch, not double boxing all audio gear. I’ve been told by the Harbeth importer Harbeth was instructed years ago when it first started shipping to the US to account for how brutal US carriers are and toughen up its’ packaging for the US market.

I wonder if the carriers show that American Tourister commercial (with the gorilla) from the ‘70’s to all of their new loaders and drivers as part of their orientation.


A couple weeks ago I received a pair of PSA M1200s for trial via FedEx. Delivery to Florida was only a day later than the original schedule. When the driver pulled up in front of the house he disappeared into the back of the truck and loud thumping noises ensured. After a couple minutes packages began appearing at the back of the open door and then more large packages began to drop from the truck to street. He must have rummaged around in the truck for seven or eight minutes before he finally found both amplifier packages. As he brings them to the door he has the most dejected hangdog body language imaginable. I told him “the crew must have really done a poor job of loading your truck this morning.” The driver looked about ready to cry and he said " you have no idea, what a disaster." I was glad he took the time to find both packages and didn’t just drive away.

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I had a pair of new REL SHO S/3s delivered and it looked like someone at FedEx had driven a forklift blade through the lower corner of one of the boxes. Result was one of the aluminum subwoofer feet looked like a Tyranosaurus Rex tried to take a bite out of it. REL quickly shipped a replacement foot to me thankfully. Of the many audio products I’ve purchased, REL has to have the most inadequate packaging. They need to study JL Audio’s subwoofer boxes and learn from them (excellent protection and easy to unpack) .

I like our driver; it’s the company he works for that gives me fits. But props where props are due–if you call delivering on time something more than just doing your job–my shipment from Famehouse in Austin, TX arrived on time yesterday with my two copies of ABBA|Voyage and an ABBA tee shirt all safe and sound in great packaging. So the tally is now 14 out of 16 deliveries late.

I fortunately have not had any issues with deliveries, but this is likely because all of the drivers are consistent and know the area. A nice bunch and competent.

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Hard to believe, especially with parcel tracking systems and truck GPS location records! Not good.

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