Anyone Using JRiver w/ DS DAC Upgraded to New JRiver 21 Firmware?

I want to thank every one who took the time to respond for their suggestions. I finally got off my lazy butt, uninstalled the PSA USB driver, then re-installed it but still couldn’t get it to work with JR21. As before, when I did the Windows test, the tone was reproduced out of both speakers in sequence.

So I continued to wrangle with JR21 until finally I realized/remembered that when hooked up via USB you do not pick PerfectWave DAC as the playing device. Instead you pick Player and under the configuration for the Player you then select PS Audio USB Driver.

Worked like a charm and played beautifully. Again, thank you all. clapping_gif

Folks, just a quick point of info -many of you are probably far ahead of me on this, but for the benefit of others. I just (finally) got around to upgrading a few of my “test bed” machines to windows 10. In addition to the driver, you will likely need to completely delete and do a clean install of J River 21. Once that’s done though, all seems to work fine. Whether it sounds any better/different than 7 or 8.1, I don’t know yet. So far i rather like 10- they do seem to have repented of their horrifically ill-considered win 8 interface, and many (though apparently not all) iterations of win 10 now allow you to delay non-security-related updates, which should greatly reduce the likelihood that Microsoft will send your machine into an endless loop.