Are you having problems uploading pictures?

I can’t get it to work.
(Win 11 Pro, Chrome)

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Windows 10 and Android* (* phone and tablets )

Google Chrome …I have since tried Microsoft Edge.

I have tried about everything and all to no avail. Being honest I am struggling to construct this post due to the lack of visibile space at the bottom of the screen to type this post. I am struggling with this…!

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From vanilla safari on iPad
Will use for a couple of days


I am not having any trouble using Win10 and Firefox latest.

  1. What is the OS and browser version you are using?

Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1 on M1 Macbook Pro w/ 16GB memory
Firefox 107 (though I updated yesterday from 106.5) - When trouble hits I will also fire up other browsers to see if its happening with them, it always is.

  1. Have you tried visiting the site and uploading images in a private browser session (i.e., with any add-ons/plugins disabled)?

Yes, I don’t do it everytime, but I have restarted Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode and the issue is still there.

Of course, its important to point out again that these issues usually happen for a brief amount of time. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes an hour or so. It usually makes me sense that it is some server process running because of that - but obviously that is a wild guess.

The only other thing on my end that could possibly affect this is that I run a pi-hole ad-blocking server. I control what it blocks, and there is nothing related to the forums being blocked. However, if it happens again I will point my DNS lookup past the pi-hole to make sure.


Never mind the Q&A about browser compatibility, that is one awesome pic. So very cool.


Isn’t it :slight_smile:
Pinched from twitter or the guardian or some such

No problems at all this evening on iOS using vanilla Safari :slight_smile:

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@Elk, Attached a photo of the tiny box size for typing and adding images. It is nigh impossible! Type two lines then I cannot see what I am typing, if I want to change something I cannot, because when I lightly move the mouse wheel it jumps too far either up or down to reveal what I’d like to change hence I have to start over again. I have checked PC settings several times and all OK, only a problem on the PS A site!! Basically doing this bindfolded.

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Hi Dirk,
Hopefully things are all good on that side of the pond!
It almost looks like the screen is zoomed way in? Here’s the location for Firefox zoom control. I’m not sure where others might be hiding. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Vern. I have reloaded, adjusted, readjusted, twiddled, ZOOMED in & out and faffed with everything but all to no avail. I cannot load images from my tablets, occasionally - I can if I reduce the size of the images, but no guarantee! Only problem l have is with this site. What is with PS A and ME :slightly_smiling_face:

I hadn’t altered anything from the normal settings then all this kicked off. Hope this makes sense to you because I am not seeing what I am typing.


Yes it makes perfect sense and I am sure for you it is a Royal PITA. What browser are you using? Maybe try another one until the fix is published.
I am a dyed in the wool Firefox fanboy but I still have to use Edge on a couple of sites that dont get along with FF.
Enjoy the day!

@Dirk you can put your cursor on the thick blue line and drag it up to increase the size of the reply box.


Thank you so much. That’s one issue sorted!

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The issue is affecting three users; @joma0711, @dirk, and @dcm

@joma0711 is not seeing the issue when using regular Safari instead of installing the Safari page to the home screen.

@dcm sees the issue briefly but it may be due to an ad blocking servers so we will see if it happens again to see if changes @dcm made help.

@dirk seems to have the issue more consistently, especially when viewing the ‘What are you spinning now’ thread.

We have visited the site/threads and tried uploading images from a few different devices including iOS, Windows, and Android. Unfortunately, we cannot replicate the issues @dcm or @dirk have seen.

Checking and temporarily disabling browser plugins and sometimes even anti-virus softwares would be a good next step for them to try.