I haven't seen anyone post about this

But it’s happening on my office computer and my home computers and iPads.

The little “PS Audio” Icon at the upper left corner of the forums hasn’t been available for at least four or five days now. Instead of the PS Audio wave icon, it just says “PS Audio.”

Did something change on the site? Is it indicative of a problem?

I’ll try embedding a screen grab to demonstrate:

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Yup, me too:

Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 13.25.41

You probably need to clear your cache. It’s fine for me in Chrome.

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Nope. No joy on my Mac/Safari rig.

Here’s Edge on a Win11 PC:

The functionality is there, but no logo.

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Understood. Must be some Safari related thingy.

Also missing for me in chrome. (On a mac.)

Also missing in Safari, for what it’s worth. (And I’ve never accessed the site with Safari.)

However, I tested on a machine that hasn’t accessed the forums in forever, and the logo does show up.

I cleared the image/file cache in chrome and same behavior.

Things that make you go hmmm…

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Safari on an iPad mini

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I’l think I’l just have a glass of wine and forget about it.


I can see the logo on my Mac in Safari.



:wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


looks like the address of the image is goofy

should be:


but instead it’s


(which comes up as forbidden 403)


Are you talking about the logo in the upper left image I snapped of your post on my screen (iMac w/Safari Browser)?:

Same here. It’s been missing for the last week, and I’m using Chrome.

I noticed this last week as well. Go figure that a bunch of audio-phobiacs like us would be bothered by a functional but not quite right icon. Is it just me or do you all straighten slightly off level picture frames even if it’s in someone else’s house? And somehow we’ve all self selected into an obsessive-compulsive audiophile “hobby.” :slight_smile:


All my art is perfectly hung and aligned, seats in my car are aligned, cigar lighter’s smoke is rising, components in my racks are perfectly aligned, cables cross at 90 degrees. But what’s your point? :grinning:


I’m guessing post 14 nails the issue.

As for clearing my cache, this is across multiple computers and devices, on Safari and Firefox, so I don’t think it’s a “device” issue as much as something that changed on the site.

I am not concerned specifically about the icon being missed, nor the question mark that’s now showing up on this device at the moment. I’m a bit concerned it could be indicative of something being hacked or otherwise exposed on PS Audio’s site.

I have crooked, unlevel things all over my house though… so perhaps I need to up my “perfectionist” game. (To be fair, two of them are handwoven rugs hanging on the wall and a big part of their charm are the imperfections.)

I kinda like how it looks on my iPad/Safari, like a clean white button. So - no complaints😝