Audio Art Statement cables

Opinion on the Audio Art Statement speaker cables and interconnects would be appreciated

I use some of the interconnects in my office system. I agree with some of the reviews - clear lively but not thin sound, excellent extension. Company owner is very accessible and a great guy. Only negative I would say for the price is that they are a bit stiff. not extremely, but enough to matter with small, light components like a mall headphone amp or streamer.

Audio Art is just readily available bulk Neotech wire with terminations, sleeving and a wild markup. The Statement e speaker cable is this made of NES-3004 mk2:

And the Statement e Interconnect is Neotech NEI-3001 mk3:

Both are good cables–i used to use the speaker cable, and still use one run of the interconnect between pre and power amp. You just shouldn’t have to pay a $600 termination fee for off the shelf, low effort parts.