Audiophile Upgrade fuse for P10?

@davida : so any silver fuse as it is the best conductor ?

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Hey jack…there are various combinations even gold plated silver…
The Hi Fi Tuning Supreme3s for example…yet better conductivity
is available with graphene based Synergistic Orange fuses…

Each has a different effect on music quality…your ear will determine what is
best for you…

As an aside fuses take a good long time to burn in …

Best wishes friend

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All great answers guys :+1:
Anyone did a direct HiFi Tuning Vs SR Orange?

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Hey Tubes…yes I have…the Hifi Tuning Supreme3s with gold plated silver
conductor gives a warm fuller sound with very good detail…tends to roll
off some at the top…while SR Oranges are lighter on their toes and reveal
quite a bit more fiber-bone with airier details …

The hard part is choosing; if I want vanilla with chocolate syrup or twangy sherbet…

Both fuses require long long burn in before they settle in…the process can be
frustrating because they may sound good then become very indifferent and back
forth you go kind of like a winding country mountain road full of switchbacks
untill you reach your desired destination…and once there Oh My how sweet it is !!!

Best wishes friend

They are both excellent…

Hey jack…I’m not sure which other fuses use silver other than HI FI Tuning
and I think they do have a “straight” silver fuse…but am not certain…

You can look it up…

Best wishes friend

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I have a total of 19 fuses in my system with 10 just for the BHK300’s. I use HifiTuning Supreme’s for the rails and SR Blue’s for mains. The rest of my components are a mix of the same fuses. I don’t have the patience to chase the ultimate presentation, these are good enough.


Watchdog…right on friend…
Amazingly the same thing happens with vacuum tubes…

Best wishes

I second your point.

Amazingly, I’ve often read rather bad things about HifiTuning Supreme.

In a summary:
“The “Hifi-Tuning” copper-fuses are good, the silver ones are in most cases bad. The “hifi-tuning ultimate copper” is not bad, and will be offered for those who will do some tweaking.”

This is from a manufacturer and tweaker.

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As Paul himself has said in other threads, the control board fuse really doesn’t have the ability to affect sound quality on the P10. The circuit breaker is the device in which current to the amplifier sections is derived, and has nothing to do with the fuse. I fear you’re experiencing the placebo effect.

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Opinions are like A**holes everyone has them. I use HiFiTuning Supremes extensively and my system sounds exceptional. That opinion smacks of self serving or conflict of interest.

It’s a great sounding placebo!

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My believe is a fuse is there to protect whatever circuit it is powering no matter where. And current is going through every one of those fuse, so how clean those currents are will affect the sound. Every fuse matters. That’s my opinion.

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So who is the manufacturer…and the tweeker you
are referring to ?

The manufacturer of Mundorf electrolytics supplies the filament materials
to maker of HiFi Tuning fuses…materials are not shabby…

As for me the idea seemed plausible…gave em a try…

No going back now…

And yes they benefit every component…

The only way to know is to try…

Best wishes Jack

On my P600, fuse matters, that’s where the current is derived. On my P10, it makes no difference. Just sayin’… Happy motoring!

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I’ve always found fuses to be a rather benign way to tweak. I’ve never had a fuse sound worse, but sometimes it’s just a nominal benefit. At HiFiTuning prices putting in 10 fuses for BHK300’s is not very painful. The upside is considerable. If it was 10 Super Duper Bee’s Waxes you could buy a new amp.

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I’ve stated before in another earlier post, when I first got my P20, I played around with switching the stock fuse with the SR Orange and the Beeswax Ultimate Premier, and while the Orange was notably cleaner sounding than the stock, the Beeswax took it to another level making the other two a bit more veiled sounding.

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How many fuses does the P20 require?

Only one, the Beeswax. The others are not worthy.

Edit: I shouldn’t be so hard on the others. They are all better than the stock, but once you hear something better, you really can’t go back. After the Beeswax, no way I would go back.

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What brand of fuse do you put in your PS DAC and of what value/type?
I ordered the Edcor 4400 and plan to upgrade the fuse.