AXPONA 2019 .... amazing pics and lots of FUN!

Yeah - I suspect that is why when you go hear a power demo at a show like I heard there a few years ago (can’t recall who it was), the difference between the system plugged into the wall, into their power strip, into the rackmount unit, into the Best Unit were all easily audible.

I also suspect it is a significant culprit in the ubiquitous Bad Sound at shows among those exhibitors that do not invest in good power regeneration.

Room 388:


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Didn’t catch the brand. In certain ways they—the upper registers of the Jazz horns—sounded pleasing, but overall they sounded how the looked. Too top heavy. Felt out of balance tonally to my ears.

I’m sure that’s all from the Esoteric equipment, not the speakers. Bring in the TSS and DMP to show them how its supposed to be done!

Sorry for the arcasm-say.


Speakers might be the Avantgarde Acoustic Uno Fino:

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Wake & Jeff - gotta say that I’m not a fan of Esoteric’s sterility or horns’ honkiness, generally speaking. So sue me ; )

I can hear that shit from Boulder ; )


Looking at these pics makes me wonder - what’s going to happen to the high end audio industry when all the old rich white men die?


WOW. Not so much Audiophilia but more Objectophilia if Brodric entered the Esoteric room… He would be carried out a spent force!


Darren will be there to pick up the slack, believe me. It’s not brain surgery.

Well ya know… word on the street is Esoteric is all hat and no cattle.


I go to their room every year based on their reputation. Never hear any “music”. Leaves me cold.

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Jeff - you know @Brodric doesn’t get much sleep in Perth… he will be reading these posts… and you are just killing me here… :slight_smile:

Good news is that PS Audio is doing well at the show so far and you have to hand it to Paul… ballsy move releasing the AN3s to the public as demos… great gathering feedback… however… have to weigh bad taste… so far it seems it was a good move…

Be certain to repeat these comments every day or two and in as many threads as possible. It is critically important everyone sees them, especially if someone new comes along.


Darren better bring a lot of young friends because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of kids into high end audio these days…

They are there - they just don’t give a shit about what us oldsters do. Not to mention that we will be dead.

Wish that I could be there. I’m on call all weekend. Look for Galen! He’ll be wandering around this year with everybody. He does not have a booth or room there this year but maybe next year.

At the end I guess with sound problems it’s as always at shows: the sweet spot (in order to enable many listeners to get animpression) is much too far apart from the speakers for an unoptimized room. There are always resonances…if they are equalized for that sweet spot, any other listening position is awful.

I think if I was a manufacturer I’d position everything for a very good close to medium sweet spot and let people rotate who want to listen seriously.

Has anyone stopped by the Sanders Sound Systems room? Wish I could meet Roger and shake his hand for the great electrostatic speakers, amps and speaker management system not to mention the outstanding support. A real engineer’s engineer.