Axpona 2021 exhibitor list

Danes are very friendly. You should be welcome anywhere you knock on the door.

I visited Buchardt Audio in Virklund Silkeborg, 1/2 h west of Århus on the Jutland peninsula. The Gryphon is in Ry, a little city at the other end of the lake of Virklund. If Mads is not in Schaumburg at the time you are in Denmark you might see him there.

Contact @michael-denmark he knows where the good dealers in Denmark are.

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Hi-Fi is booming. Of course exhibitors were gonna turn out. Will be interesting to see which of Axpona or RMAF comes out on top (in terms of # exhibitors/patrons), as close together as they are

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I am pretty sure that if PS Audio had new products to launch, Axpona would pay off tor them. Including last years financial hit on the cancellation due to that miserable COVID-19 situation.

RMAF is the better timing for them and is closer by for them. Wouldn’t mind visiting RMAF either, Colorado is such a beautiful state.

Burchardt Audio is one of the few international (non US) brands. I have respect that they go to Axpona and for all those who visit the show to get the balls rolling again!

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RMAF is the better timing for them and is closer by for them.

Not sure I understand the timing point you make at RMAF is Oct 8-10. Axpona Oct 29-31.
My bet is PS Audio will be display same new products. It will interesting to see what they will be. BHK 600, DSD MK II, FR-30, Octave Streamer/Server?

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Paul has said in several interviews he and PS Audio will have all the products you mentioned at RMAF.

I went through the exhibitor list for both shows. 18 I’m very interested in at Axpona, just 10 at rmaf.

Axpona: Anticables, Aqua, Atmasphere, Auralic, B&W, Cambridge, Emm Labs, Klipsch, Krell, Luxman, MSB, Paradigm, Pass Labs, Raven, Rockport, Carver, Triangle, Usher.

RMAF: Boulder, Cambridge, Rowland, Kimber, Paradigm, PSA, Parasound, Schiit, VaC, VTL.


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@paul172, Understood, which is precisely why I mentioned them. He has also committed to product release dates in the past that have come and gone. No complaints just an observation, but with supply chain issues it may be steep climb. I truly wish PSA hits the mark and releases all the mentioned item at RMAF, it would make for an extraordinary show.

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:+1:t2: I wish I could be in Colorado to see the show.

Yes, as you can sense it is on my mind as well. We have a Regatta to deal with at the same time, or so I have been reminded.

Head of the Rock:


This is what I can get “roped” into as my wife is a rather serious rower, previously with the Rockford Clubs and now Madison’s Mendota Rowing Club. I am the only member of the family who does not row.
A video from year’s past, wife and both daughters rowed Head of the Rock in 2015, fun time.

This is a hint as to what it is all about, some of the country’s finest rowing;

Sorry I did not realise that. Poor timing between Axpona and RMAF.

Which company is able to prepare and fund participation on two shows in such short time frame?

I think that it is natural that brands need to make choices in such cases.

It is a pity for the audience of both shows. I would not consider travelling any considerable distance to miss out on so many brands. This way these become more and more local events.

The timing does suck! Hopefully the Axpona show will move back to April next year.


They come and exhibit at the fair…(Axpona)

My understanding is that the current plan (of course subject to change in this environment) is to resume the standard schedule of AXPONA in April of 2022.

I won’t be able to make it this year because of other plans. I talked to Wendell at magnepan and it sounds like they are planning something.

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