Axpona 2024

I’m starting this now only because - cr@p on a stick, the Convention Center rooms are sold out already! :flushed: :confounded: :angry: I thought I missed last year’s reservation bookings. The rooms then were at least still available through December sometime. It’s not even Thanksgiving and they’re sold out! Once again I gotta stay at a nearby hotel.

Anybody know what the room coast was before it sold out?

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I’m on the website now. There is one room available at either $398 or $419 per night (Fri-Sun).
I just checked a Friday to Monday, $343/night

Being local I will be driving in. Maybe less rooms are available as there will be more exhibits, :thinking:

Just a thought any meet up dinners should be booked early as many nearby restaurants fill-up quickly.

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Most of the rooms are being booked by the end of the 2023 show.

Luckily in that general area there is a lot of hotels,


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That wasn’t there when I looked, but that’s a good chunk of money. I’ll be a ten minute walk away at the Embassy. Nice free breakfast, easy peasy walk since it’s on the same side of the highway. I did a few shows in years past where I stayed at hotels by the IKEA, on the other side of the highway, and boy when the shows were during cold years, walking on that overpass in the wind and the cold was no fun! :cold_face:


I booked my room for Axpona 2024 from my room while at Axpona 2023.


Smart cookie!

As fortunate as I feel to be less than an hour away from Axpona I wish I was further and needed a hotel so I didn’t have to go home every night and still have responsibilities.


I’m booked at the venue. I booked it at checkout 2023. Not cheap but much more comfortable.


Ron, do you recall what the cost was when you made that reservation?

I just looked it up. $390/night

Wow. Their normal rate is about $250 a night. All of these places really get their money with these conventions. Even down in Florida, the Embassy suites jacks up their rate for the audio show. Almost twice what it normally is.

A fuse and a half.


That’s two smart cookies!

Axpona 2024 tickets went on sale today!

Ticket link

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Bought them! I was going to get the Royal Treatment level where they carry you from room to room in a sedan chair, but I thought I might get nauseous.
Bought two days; leaving early Sunday morning.


The gold pass is pricey but I enjoyed the break room and cocktail lounge.

Yeah, I got the gold pass too. I like the foot massage they give you when you’re there. :joy: