Bach Cello Suites


Can anyone recommend a particularly good recording of Bach’s Cello Suites? So far in my reading Isserlis and Rostropovich’s names keep coming up, but it’s such a popular thing to record that there are lots of others to choose from and I’m lost. Of my other Cello based recordings I’m a big fan of Jacqueline Du Pre is that’s any help. Thanks


János Starker recorded them five times and each set is excellent. The fifth set however is astounding.


Could you offer a more detail on the exact recording? I see one of his on HDTracks and I’d like to be sure. Thanks for taking the time to offer your take.


Here it is: click

The sound is wonderfully warm and full as well.


Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


recently I’ve been listening to these:


On EMI/Warner:

On Sony, Ma’s second recording of the six suites (he recently recorded them again)


also worth checkin’ out…



I really appreciate all the choices. Thank to all for the suggestions


For me this is the one!


I have that Fournier set on vinyl. It was a landmark recording, not least for the audio quality.
This should be read for historical perspective, and then listened to:

Casals made the cello suites well known by performing them at the Wigmore Hall. The last set I heard performed there was by Stephen Isserlis, which was remarkable, but I don’t have his recording and I think his recording was on another cello, he now has a Stradivarius borrowed from the Royal College of Music.

We have tickets for Jean-Guihen Queyras playing the cello suites next April, as part of a dance programme by Anne Teresa de Keersmaker. Can’t wait.

Bach, J.S.: Cello Suites