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We all are, Purdue Pete. We all are.


Go Tigers! :slight_smile:

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Stinking Dodgers.

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Hope another random underdog takes the WS again next year. Like the Rockies, for instance. Heh.

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Let the Dodgers have Ohtani at 0.7$ billion. He’s not even pitching in 2024 because of his UCL injury. So much ridiculous hype. I’m pleased as punch the Cubs didn’t blow their payroll on him. Focus on keeping Bellinger in a Cubs uniform and use the money saved for 1-2 good arms (Tyler Glasnow comes to mind, maybe Yamamoto). They have all the pieces to contend next year (with a bunch of talent in the farm system as well). Looking forward to an Ohtani frenzy free rest of the offseason.

Need a solid closer, a starter and consistent hitting outfielder…

Cubs could get a lot for their $700M.


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Josh Hader comes to mind as a closer. Had an excellent comeback season in 2023. And reuniting Counsell with Hader … well that’s as close to the perfect pairing of manager and closer there is.

Nope. Not as far as I am concerned.

It seems like the Cubs have had terrible rolls of the dice with closers nearing the end of their careers or coming off come-back seasons of late. I thought Kimbrell was a big disappointment for example.

That said, if Hader is healthy (mentally and physically) that would be an intriguing option.

I just want someone who will pitch like a save situation is a save situation. Throw strikes and get outs – go after the hitters with a lead. I know I am not being objective, but it seems like the Cubs’ closers lead the league in walks per outing every year.


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I was reading this morning that Ohtani’s contract actual defers $680M to be paid between 2034 to 2043. Basically, he will be paid $2M a year for 10-years, which frees up the Dodgers to spend more money on additional free agents. Ohtani accepted this type of deal since he makes an additional $45M a year in endorsements.

I have no problem with the players making this kind of money. If they do not get it, the owners will just keep it. However, I am not sure structuring a deal like this is in the best interest of baseball. I can see where teams could start doing this and create major financial problems down the road.

That’s interesting.

I assume his sponsorship value skyrocketed since the announcement.

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At last, an off-season move by the Cubbies to plug a hole:

Shōta Imanaga, Cubs agree to four-year deal (

Frustration has been getting intense for this fanboy with the lack of action by a FO that claims it is gearing up for contention in 2024. Heavy sign. At least we can kiss Stroman goodbye and wish him luck with whoever he lands with. More gaps to address: a legit closer, a power bat and getting Bellinger on contract if possible. My itch hasn’t been completely scratched with the signing of Imanaga. But it’s a start.

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The Cubs have been frustratingly inactive.

My guess is they are not willing to pay what the current market for (supposed) difference makers is requiring.

Afraid we might be in for another frustrating, “also-ran” season…

BTW, I agree with you on the stated priorities for the Club. Plus, we need some depth to shore up Hendricks. I am a fan of the man/the player; but I don’t think he can cut it in the starting rotation for much longer.

Hope I am wrong.


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I am very ready for Spring Training to commence.


Cubs resigned Bellinger.

Here’s hoping Bellinger is a harbinger of good things to come this season.