Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

Good Morning. We wish everyone a very safe, enjoyable and Happy Thanksgiving. Take some time off, love your family and eat some turkey!! Don’t spend too much money on Black Friday unless it’s for some new “Iconoclast” speaker cables and interconnects and of course BAV power cords.:grin:


Any update you can share?

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Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving. The patent is being filed by legal and as soon as it is done then we will make an announcement. Shouldn’t be too long.


OK, all the math ans science has been chewed through. All the patent work is in place for the lawyers and attorneys to digest. It was worse than eating an entire T-day turkey! So much had to be covered it seemed impossible to get it all lined-up. Two solid days at the manufacturing floor turning the peer review paper work, does it even seem PROBABLE to make such a thing, into reality. We can all do paper work…when we measure the stuff that’s when it rats us out! In my case, I had to do the peer review paper work, this is still a Belden manufactured product and must meet EVERY engineering guideline we know of.

What I can share is yes, we have a new product based on physical sample measurements and calculations made off those measurements. Does it “work” OMG, it is terrific.

The complexity of the math/physics will undoubtedly piss a lot of you off. I know, I know we hate the hard science part of this but I can’t ignore it even if you lucky majority people can just use it and ignore HOW it works. For the HOW does it work crowd, the new product is a real bundle of science to explain. I can do it, but it isn’t a quick study to really understand it all. The parts are all so inter-related and a full mobius strip (the surface without and end puzzle) type understanding is needed to balance the application out. But…the new design is real and fully explainable with accepted physics. Like a Mobius strip, there is a real TWIST to the application of this new product that NO ONE will see coming I can assure you of that. But, it was 100% defined by the physics to raise the bar. Yep, the math said I had to figure it out like it or not. I chose to figure it out and see if a true improvement was really there. It was, and now the product “is”.

No, I have ZERO new hypothesis or theories that Einstein, Tesla and the rest haven’t already defined. I have used ZERO new magic materials. It is how the math/science properties are USED that make the product magical.

The new product is why ICONOCLAST is so wonderful, it is the real stuff we know to be true and applicable to our hobby. I promised I would never make a new product just to churn your dollars, but ONLY if the math and science says it is truly better. If it isn’t truly better it cannot EVER sound better, agreed on that I hope? Every measurement and calculation has to move the bar to more and more linear analog products. Should we stop moving the bar? We all get to decide that one.

What I know is this, the new product meets ICONOCLAST Ethos statements in a BIG way and it has been so much fun to FINALLY make the actual product match the physics.
Physical Equals Electrical.
Sound Design Create Sound Performance™

More of the above coming your way to the people who want true and real cable designs that aren’t imposters to the accepted physics…stay tuned.

Love all my fans and critics. Don’t shoot the messenger as they say, the physics has no feelings.

Best to all during the holidays.
Finishing this design WAS my holiday!
Galen Gareis


Nice! Any way you can at least leak the cable category?:thinking:

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He said analog. Lol

“ Every measurement and calculation has to move the bar to more and more linear analog products.”

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He also dropped this clue relative to shield perhaps?

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Vmax gets the golden nugget…Analog. And it is more complex than “a” product. Enough said.



A Möbius resistor is an electronic circuit element that cancels its own inductive reactance. Nikola Tesla patented similar technology in 1894:[21] “Coil for Electro Magnets” was intended for use with his system of global transmission of electricity without wires.



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Seeing that the möbius strip utility is in phase and frequency all the things previous iconoclast designs improved upon. One can surmise Galen has found a way to better filter and transmit the audible bands we all love. Loud Applause :clap:


Thanks for the tease. Is it really necessary to drive up anticipation or are you guys just itching to tell us? How much longer must we suffer?

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No filtering. Lots of passive phase and timing adjustments. So no batteries and boxes full of circuits. Just better native cable performance. There is a hidden bonus, though. This one will blind side everyone and it is SO OBVIOUS once presented. All supported with proper physics and designs.

I just left my system a minute ago after several hours of tunes. Even Herman’s Hermits best of CD is much better. Still ship in a bottle mono recording but now I can see all the rigging! Detail is so much better and more realistic than previous cable design will allow.

The bad news is one of my mono $$$ amps is acting up in high current class A mode. AB is fine. Need to get that sorted out. Already switched amps side to side, the problem follows the amp. Something in the monitoring circuits seem to detect a fault once it gets warm and automatically switches to a proper situation (AB). That part is working! A part gets warm and goes out of tolerance over time it seems. Typical SS stuff.

AB doesn’t run hard enough to get warm enough to trigger the fault. Class A is balls to the wall hot at low volumes by design (83 dB or so). That design aspect gets the amp as hot as AB at 105 dB.



I hope there’s a version - or at least an explanation - for those of us who are pretty clueless about electronics and physics (I stopped studying sciences at age 16).

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Galen - you’re 'enery the Eighth, you is!:cowboy_hat_face:


OMG, I am drooling now. I think Iconoclast will be my new love soon! I have one pair of 4x4 XLR; absolutely loves it. I almost pulled the trigger on another pair until spending some stupid money on a power cord.

Now I glad I waited, Cannot wait! Thanks, Galen for the great work!!!


Time to send those monoblocks to the SimAudio mothership for a dilithium crystal recharge.

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Not a phono analog cable.

Maybe an EMF/RFI noise absorbing sheet to place betwixt your display and transformer, with a twist

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