Best DirectStream Wireless Access Points

What are some of the recommended Wireless Access Points for the DS? I unfortunately do not have ethernet in the room it will be in and will need to get it hooked in to my WIFI


I’ve used the TP Link WiFi extenders for years

I use the Orbi system by Netgear.

Netgear Orbi here too.

Orbi here too.

The Orbi, Eero and several others are all great if you want to change out your entire router system but if you just want to add a single point a wireless extender will do the job plus if you buy from Amazon and it doesn’t work out send it back.

3 Orbi systems here.

After using various access points (Western Digital, Linksys, Netgear), I’ve had the most reliable connections using an Apple Airport Extreme.
By the by, hard-wiring the NAS via ethernet resulted in zero drop-outs for the last 5 years. The server is connected by WiFi but the access point and NAS are connected to the renderer by ethernet.

orbi here -router -> satellite ->dsd

I’ve used a pair of Airport Extremes as an ethernet wireless bridge for 5 years and had utterly reliable performance. Computer, router and NAS on the modem side of the bridge and hifi on the other side.
Note the latter wireless access point is about 10ft away from the renderer and PS DS DAC which are wired to that Airport Extreme. Wireless transmit/receive is disabled on all audio & video electronics in the vicinity. The ethernet wire connection to the renderer is optically isolated.