Best way to burn in Dragon 48 HDMI cable

What is the best way to burn in this cable when used for on a perfect functional but older Perfectwave Memory Transport from 9 years ago. The transport functions flawlessly but I don’t want to play it 24/7 for weeks for fear of possible failure. Any advice would be appreciated. I could just use the transport as usual but the cable will take a long time to burn in.

Maybe you can hook it up to a TV? After all it’s a video cable also. It would be interesting if it can make your picture look better too.

I just install the cable and play. Sooner or later it is “there”! I like having my cake and eating it too.


Way too short plus I am hoping it might sound good while using.

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Sounds like a plan.
Thanks :blush:

I wonder how necessary it is to play music for burn in purposes?
The transport is always putting out some data to the I2S cable even if there is no disc playing.