Best way to store cds; or recommendations how to store sacd and cds?


I wonder what’s the best way to store cds, sacds? I mean do it matters if i store them vertically or horisontally?

What do you recommend?

Good day ( i hope)

Sort of being discussed here recently.

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I store mine vertically… just because the cabinet is set up for that orientation. I guess as long as you are not damaging the disc, it does not matter. The case periphery is designed to hold weight. If you stack them horizontally, just make sure they are squarely stacked to allow the case edge to absorb the weight load of many CDs… the best answer I can give…:hushed:

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Great to know.
That was many cds, i have lest than 40 now, so i guess plastic wallet jewel case is for now the best for me. I store the cd wallet verticaly then!

I guess i put all the fotos etc in some box, anyway i just listen only to rip cds in my computer.

Regards and many cds in those photos :slightly_smiling_face:

Vertically - you don’t want an avalanche, plus pulling them out would cause scratches on the jewel cases as they rub each other.

I use a Techline 36W" x 30T" x 18D" 3-drawer cabinet with full extension drawers. Perfect depth of drawers for jewel cases to be stored with the labels showing. Will fit 693 single jewel cases (3 rows of 77 cases per drawer). Makes for a very heavy piece of furniture when fully loaded. Don’t know if they’re still available.

These shelves were built by a small, now defunct, furniture maker in Georgia… Davidson Whitehall. The design is fabulous and quality was … well it was funiture… and not cheap. The cabinets below I had made by a carpenter in Pottstown PA… I designed them and he made them. Maybe you can find a carpenter and have a solution made to order using these… note how the shelves are more forward at the bottom and recessed at the top… just a great design. And the rubber sheet/strip along the cd back stop keeps them from falling over.

I designed the record cabinets to be exactly the width of the CD storage shelves… the cd shelves came in two sizes, tall and short. I designed the record cabinets to support a shortie above and be exactly as tall as a tall CD shelf. Nice. The record cabinet has a drawer for audio junk and such. In my cool loft in Philly, I used the shelves as a room divider. When I saw the Georgia company going out of production, I ordered three tall units. So I still have some space left… I still buy CDs… imagine that.

Storage is one thing… but you need temporary storage as you need a place to put to-be-filed CDs etc. For that I found a cheapie plastic tray thingy that holds twenty or so and that sat on top of another table. No picture of it though.

Bruce in Philly


Bruce - If you have the room, that is the optimal storage. Beautiful set up.

Gorgeous setup. How do you keep all of those CDs organized?

Organized!!! Welll… given your question, you know what a challenge that is. First rule: Discipline!

All are categorized into a three groups… POP & Jazz, Classical, Other. Then by last name…

However, now that I have these ripped to my NAS, things are different… first I don’t pull the CDs very often… grab for the car… re-rip for whatever reason… whatever… But storing on disc caused an alphabetizing problem… So on the NAS, I gave up by last name… so Mark O’Connor is now under M on the NAS and O on the shelves. On the NAS, I had to rename “The Rolling Stones” folder to “Rolling Stones, The”. A bit of a pain but well worth it in the longer run.

For individual artists I like but who play in other bands where I have say only one CD, I put them all under the artist name and not that band name… because I reach for the artist not the band. I do this both on the NAS and in the shelves.

For keeping them organized on the shelves, you all know the trick… when you pull a CD, you half pull out the one next to it so you know where to put it back.

Now with HER in my life, I have a shelf where SHE puts them back and I do the filing. And of course, CDs are missing from the case… not in the car… I found some CD cases have two CD in them from different artists!!! GRRRRRR! Oh well, all is organized fine on the NAS.

Bruce in Philly

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When a buddy of mine crossed the 5,000 CD threshold, he and his spouse spent a weekend de-casing the entire collection and placing the discs, booklets, tray insert into folios. Cases were sent to recycling.

He had plenty of shelving to accommodate 5,000+ jewel cases but felt it was too much.

He is 100% streaming now so the collection is now completely unused and will never be spun again. I don’t think he has owned a CD player for over a decade.

After ripping, I put all my CDs in plastic sleeves and recycled all my jewel cases. Several thousand so the space saving is dramatic. They are now in boxes but I’m considering something more accessible so I can play them a bit easier and more often. My search for that continues.
IMG_0230 IMG_0231

Discipline indeed! I have to admire the dedication to keeping a well maintained physical library. Things get doubly complicated when you add in a digital library as well.

For better or worse, I grew up in the CD era but iPods, downloads, and eventually streaming came along, which put the brakes on me building a big physical library.

Granted that hasn’t stopped me from buying a turntable and records…

What software are you using now to interface with the NAS?

that word: discipline !

how much important it is, is like the key stone in almost everything

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@bruce-in-philly I bought a cheapie kit CD storage unit from amazon before I saw this. I may copy the design if you dont mind. I hate working with wood but my son is a pretty good cabinet maker.

If you are serious… think about it… I can make measurements for you and take some detailed pictures… but that is work so only if you really are going to pull the trigger.

Like I noted, these shelves are furniture and are heavy… there is quite a bit of wood in them… and cutting etc.

Bruce in Philly

I can just show him the picture and give him a CD jacket. He will figure it out from there. I will give you the design credits if you’re ok with it. :grin:

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