Recommendation For CD Storage

Anyone have suggestions for where I might get some quality storage racks for my CD’s, I’m not finding much.


What do you mean by “quality.”? Are you looking for wood shelving with a furniture finish or metal, etc.

By quality I mean not from Walmart etc, yes finished wood would be preferred

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If ok with a modern steel look…

Solid wood and you decide on storage size.


Check out Can-Am metal cabinets. 270 discs per drawer in jewel cases, available in two, three and four drawer units in a multitude of colors. They are stackable as well.

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Thanks but yes too modern

I’ll check this one out, thanks

Unless things have changed if you have a design in mind if you draw it out and send it to them they can price it out for you. Call and talk to them on the phone.

Thanks Hank, nice quality

Good idea thanks

@Lonson1 has 30,000+ CD’s. He may have an idea.

Probably a bad joke, but I remember back in my college years, these were so handy:

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I have lots and lots of bookcases, and built one big massive one out of bricks and planks that covers a wall. And I have a third of my collection rotating in and out of a climate controlled storage unit in boxes.


I always wanted the Can-Am cabinets, but my wife didn’t care for the “office” look of them. I ended up building my own, mainly to keep things economical:


Yeah I have these, want them more accessible though

Wow, beautiful work, I have moved so no longer have my workshop unfortunately

Thanks guys for all the ideas. Does anyone know if Mapleshade still sells CD storage, don’t see any now on their site

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If you know a trusted carpenter… or you have time and practical attitude, you can build something like these.
Each little shelf is removable for CD sets and some shelves can support a CD to be shown on vertical (for an easier organization or simply cosmetic).